IBM 247 | 5 Conversion Mistakes that are Costing You Money

IBM247-200newMaking money online requires traffic and converting that traffic to buyers. The fastest way to boost your income is to boost your conversions. In this episode we discuss five common conversion mistakes that you can easily fix to see a quick increase in your income.

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In This Episode

  • Why most businesses are losing more than half their new customers every day
  • An easy way to get more sales starting today
  • The two critical stats that will allow you to double or triple your growth in the next year

Items of Interest


IBM247-BreakthroughI’ve been wanting to share the success story for a long time. In 2010, I started listening to Internet Business Mastery podcast and shortly thereafter joined the Academy.

I launched my first business which did reasonably well and attracted lots of traffic. I did get some consulting work as a result of it which paid me somewhere around $1000.

My attention quickly grew to a popular TV show called The Walking Dead. My friend and I started the podcast for fans of the walking dead. In less than one year our podcast grew to one of the top three Podcasts for the TV show and we launched our first convention for fans of the show.

Throughout the entire time from 2010 until 2013, I constantly went back to the Academy and used all of the skills that you lay out in your modules to bring over 10,000 people to our first convention in Atlanta! And now in 2015 we will have 7 conventions in 7 cities – averaging 15-20k attendees at each.

Thanks Jason and Jeremy Frandsen for being my mentors (and you didn’t even know it) throughout this journey!

Eric Nordhoff

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  1. Hey!

    This was a great episode. I’m looking for an episode where you guys did a role-playing segment where Jeremy asked Jason 4 questions to build an audience avatar. One of the questions was “what would it mean to you if you found a solution to your problem?” That was an excellent episode, but I can’t remember which one it was. Can you tell me? Thanks!

  2. Thanks for all the great advice, guys.

    I appreciate how you own up to having made the very mistakes you’re teaching us all to avoid. I do wonder though how important it is to make the mistakes and learn, even if it means delayed profits, etc.

    Often when I hear really successful online entrepreneurial experts (like you) say, “Don’t do what I did”, I get skeptical. I think, “But if they had taken their own advice so long ago, they may not actually have become so successful- it could have altered their business in a bad way if they had done so-and-so at that particular developmental stage in their business.” In other words, the benefits of making the mistakes could in the long run outweigh those of avoiding the mistakes.

    Am I being totally naive? I’d love to hear a discussion exploring the line between embracing and avoiding mistakes the experts say we should watch out for.

    Thanks again!

    • No matter how many mistakes you avoid, you will make other mistakes. I’ve learned an incredible amount from taking the advice of others and I STILL make mistakes. Mistakes that weren’t discussed or mistakes that were made because I disagreed with the advice I got and did my own thing. Sometimes I hadn’t gotten any advice and made a wrong decision. To me, it makes no sense to not want to learn from others mistakes, simply because there are so many area’s of business (or life) to make mistakes on!

      • Thanks Jeremy- that makes a lot of sense, and I totally agree there’s a ton of value in learning from others’ mistakes. I appreciate the response. We definitely refer to you guys a bunch on our own little podcast.

        Keep up the great work, and thank you for what you do.