IBM 242 | Automated Sales Machine Pt 2: How to Launch a Sales Page that Converts

IBM242-200You don’t need to be a copywriting wizard to create a sales page that dependably generates income. In this episode, we share our simple checklist for launching a sales page that is simple and effective.

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In This Episode

  • The 12-Point Sales Letter Checklist
  • How to launch an effective sales page even if you don’t know anything about copywriting
  • 3 Tools that Make Launching a Sales Page Quick and Easy

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Items of Interest

  • Gumroad – these guys make it really simple to create a sales page, accept online orders and automatically deliver your digital products. It an all-in-one solution.
  • Optimize Press – This is another option for creating an attractive and effective sales letter quickly and easily. It runs as a WordPress plugin or a theme. You will need to use your own payment processor or Paypal to take orders.
  • Special thanks to Scott and Brendo for the open and close music on the episode.


BreakthroughIBM242Boom! Money milestone.

I’ve had 6-7 sales in the last week now, so something is working,

I can share with you the tactics I’ve used thus far:

1) Publishing a tutorial post – step by step guide to using the tuition course that helped me pass my final accountancy exam

2) Publishing a round up post – My 10 favourite products that I used to help me pass the exams

3) Tweeting a discount off on a product I recommend

4) Using affiliate product links in other blog posts where relevant

5) Linking to my resources page within blog posts, where relevant

Matthew Evans – Coaching 101 Member

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  1. Is there a checklist PDF for this post or do I have to go back through the audio to find it?

  2. Carl mortimer says:

    Very much looking forward to part 3! You’ve inspired me to run my own internet business and, as a result of these podcasts, now have an ebook online. Now i have to learn how to drive traffic to the site and market effectively, cant wait for part 3!

  3. Hey Guys,

    I was trying to download the checklist but the infusionsoft link “timed out”. Can you please email me the checklist?