IBM 240 | How to Create and Sell Your First Ebook


The first time you make a sale online, you’ll notice your confidence soar. You’ll have proven that you can do it. If you can do it once, you can do it 100 times. You can do it 1000 times.

In this episode we talk about how to reach this “Money Milestone” by selling a low-priced ebook. This is a process that you can get results from in the next thirty days.

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In This Episode

  • The simple, fast way to create an ebook (even if you hate writing)
  • 4 Types of Ebook Titles that are proven to attract buyers
  • 3 things your ebook must do in order to attract consistent income

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Items of Interest

  • Mindmeister – free mindmapping tool for outlining your ebook
  • Special thanks to Scott and Brendo for the open and close music on the episode


breakthrough240I just finished my first video course. ‘Get off Auto’ for beginner DSLR users. It’s taken 6 months, but would have been 6 years if I hadn’t joined IBM and learned about progress not perfection. I’m going to get my next one done in 6 weeks.

Emma Davies

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  1. Hi guys, first I want to say that the content you guys put out is excellent. My question was about the technicalities of publishing an Ebook. Once written, how do you go about putting it out there? Do you need ISBN number or a publisher etc. thanks in advance and keep up the good work, Chris

    • Chris,

      The style of ebook that we teach how to sell doesn’t require getting an ISBN. If you plan to sell through a marketplace like Amazon, there will be additional steps to conform to their criteria.

      However, what we teach to start is to simply save it as a PDF. Then you can sell it through a site such as

  2. Was a bit disappointed to opt into the Action Guide, (instant access) and be told it wasn’t available until the end of July (which is today) I know this type of opt-in is what you have talked about in recent episodes (to see if there was interest) but I admit to feeling a little let-down. “Click here to get instant access” normally doesn’t infer it will be “coming soon.”

    Regardless, looking forward to it becoming available. I am sure it will be great. In the meantime, I will listen to the episode again. Looking forward to joining the academy soon as well. :)

    • Troy,

      I get it. I apologize for the let down. We get a bit ambitious with everything we want to provide for free.

      I also got hit with a stomach virus which set me behind. We will have it to you soon.

      Thank you for listening and for sharing your feedback.

  3. One of the psychological barriers I’ve discovered among first time writers is the infamous “Impostor Syndrome”. Add to that the mental image of the word “book” – a comprehensive, polished, 500 page volume on a subject, and you got an instant road-block.

    I found it helpful to scale down quite a bit and do some reframing. For a working title I use “A Helpful/Simple/Short Guide to …” – this way the expectation of my “internal perfectionist” is set closer to reality.

    Writing to a specific “face” in an audience also helps. For a draft I’m simply “creating a summary” for a friend.

  4. Hi Guys
    Got an error when tried to download the action guide. Any suggestions?

  5. Loved this episode. Have listened to it three times and have started on my eBook.

    How do you get 2500 words to be 10 pages? What font, font size and spacing do you use?

    I have a 5000 word document that I plan to convert into my ebook and it’s 13 pages. Other documents I’ve written that are around 2500-3000 words are only 4 pages or so.

    • It will also depend on the images and headings that you use. What is more important is the word-count and delivering one simple result for the reader. I wouldn’t worry too much about the page count.

      Glad you enjoy this episode so much! Let us know when your book launches.

  6. Emma Davies has a new website: which offers free online photography lessons.

    Here’s what she promises her students:
    You’ll progress from being a complete beginner at the start of the year, to being able to shoot off auto mode after 6 weeks. In 12 weeks you’ll be taking photographs you are proud of, and by the end of the year you’ll be the best photographer you know.

    Great podcast. Heard about you from Pat Flynn.