IBM 239 | How to Test a Business Idea Fast, an Interview with Matthew Paulson

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Successful entrepreneurs know how to take action fast, test fast and move on if something doesn’t work. In this episode, we talk to an experienced entrepreneur to get his method for testing ideas quickly.

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In This Episode

  • The Minimum Viable Business Method to Creating Multiple Streams of Income
  • One simple tip for completely avoiding 80% of the problems in business
  • How to get people to pay for your email newsletter

Items of Interest


BJ LeeHi Jeremy and Jason,

Just wanted to thank you.  My microsites made about $350 last month.  So far since the course I have made nearly $3000 and I have done just a very minimal amount of maintenance on the sites.

But this money now enables us (me, my wife and 3 girls) to fly home to the States every year to see my parents and siblings, which we haven’t been able to do for the last 2 years because of financial reasons.

Thanks guys

Sylvia and BJ Lee, Germany

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  1. Matthew Paulson says:

    FYI – My new book is available at

  2. Wonderful conversation, and such great tips, Matthew!
    You mentioned compiling real time financial news items through “software” that you then sent out to your list as your initial FREE newsletter on the topic.

    What “software” did use? In other words, how and where did you pull the relevant data to then compile and push to your subscribers?

    Thanks again!

    • Hi Mary – All of the software I use is custom developed with ASP.NET, so it’s not something that’s commercially available to the public.

  3. Great show. I really learned a lot and am energized by Matthew’s story.

    Can you guys give some advice on aggregated newsletter content? Do you have to get permission beyond a link back to the original article?

  4. Always good valuable content on your pods and appreciate the show notes. Matthew made a ton of good points and I particularly liked his admission that as an introvert, this was the ideal business for him…. oh and the 2 month testing as well – often we tend to test for a day or so and move on when we don’t get immediate results.
    Thanks you guys.