IBM 235 | How to Start a Business without Being an Expert

IBM235-200Do you have to be an expert in something to make money online? Definitely not.

We give you four ways you can start a profitable online business even if you don’t want to be an expert in anything.


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In This Episode

  • 4 Ways to Launch an Incredibly Popular Web Site, Even if You’re Not an Expert in Anything
  • A powerful way to launch a site AND get traffic fast
  • How to have instant credibility in any niche

Items of Interest


Breakthrough235Gave the 30 day notice of resignation today on my B-day after 15 years with my employer. What’s more memorable for me, is that I picked the 4th of July, Independence day as my final day. Double meaningful as a new US citizen. Bring on the fireworks.

Sicco Rood

Academy Mastermind Member


Action Guide

Here’s the next action for each of the four methods discussed in this episode.

Borrow Expertise and Credibility

  • Reach out to a brand new author; ask four questions by email

Share a story as it happens

  • Do something new, then write about the experience immediately after. What went well, what didn’t? What did you learn?

Be a filter

  • Create a “how to” article from 5 pieces of content (e.g. How to Buy a Guitar)

Work with an expert

  • Find an expert and help them set up their email list

What do you think?

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  1. We tend to procrastinate worrying about perfection instead of looking for progress.

    With today’s episode you gave us the tools to move forward. I enjoyed it thoroughly.


  2. Aaron Murg says:

    Great podcast guys! I haven’t listened to you guys in a while because I’ve moved around to different podcasts looking for specifically how to start if I’m not an expert yet in something. But then this morning I got your weekly email and saw the headline of this podcast. I listened to it today and that definitely helped give me some steps to move forward. I had been stuck because I’m right at the phase where I need to decide what I’m going to do, write some posts for practice, then set up the site. I got the site thing down, but I don’t know what to do. This podcast will help. And I know so because…

    I actually did the first step a month ago as I was researching. At the end of my interview with an expert, we both said “Man, I wish we could’ve recorded this!” I’ll write up my notes from that interview and I will do some more of these within the niche I’m working with and see where it goes. Thanks Jeremy and Jason!

    • Aaron,

      Fanastic. Glad to hear you have been taking action in this direction and it is working well for you.

      And I bet you’ll record the next interview chat!

  3. Hey thanks for this actionable episode. Of course, then my wife and I got a smile at the end :-)


  4. Miguel says:

    This is one amazing episode guys. My head is spinning with ideas.
    I have been following you for a while and really love the new style of the podcast.

    Thank you both for this episode and keep up the amazing work!


  5. John Golinvaux says:

    I really “connected” with this episode. It is literally a step by step plan for generating content for your site and getting visitors to it. I’ve listened to it a few times now, and the only thing left to do is take action.

    Thanks, Jeremy and Jason, great stuff.