IBM 233 | Reaching the First Five-Figure Launch, an Interview with Cory Huff


Imagine making five-figures in the next two weeks. What would that mean for you? Cory Huff’s business was already earning him a full-time living, so when he achieved his first five-figure launch, it was just icing on the cake. In this episode, he talks about how he reached this big milestone.

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In This Episode

  • The new source of traffic that Cory is using to engage his market
  • The three key changes that took Cory’s product launch to the five-figure level
  • How Cory opened the floodgates to sell more product with one simple strategy

Items of Interest



I just got in from the gym listening to the last episode of the podcast – Fear of Success.

It really hit home. I resonated with the Dan Kennedy story. I probably have a few opportunities in my lap like that right now not to mention people that I want to reach out to that I have been a little nervous about.

So I came home and immediately jumped on the computer to start taking action and following up.

I know in my heart that every time I face a fear I have big breakthrough. I’m going to close all open loops today.

Excited now, to beat down fear one action at a time.

Thank you for a great episode!

Jamila Payne

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  1. Thanks for having me on guys!

    • It was our pleasure!

    • Appreciate the massive shout-out(s) in the interview, Cory!

      The credit for your success really does belong to you, though – you spent a lot of time learning about your audience and figuring out exactly what they wanted from you. That, more than anything, is the key to creating awesome online courses.

  2. Guys I was listening to this podcast in my car on my way to work i had a very strange reaction a real sense of fear. weird hey.

    had to stop it but forced myself to listen on the way home.

    I love my job as a centre manager of a shopping centre but I know it does not give me freedom. 10 hour days and 3 hours travel.

    I incorporate many of your ideas into my work to get time so I can work on my new business in the Academy. I have incorporated ASANA, social media strategies and email into my work , now is time to work on my freedom business.

    Cheers & thank you.

    • Geoff,

      Very interesting. Any ideas what about this episode triggered that fear?

      Glad to hear our tips help you in your day job as well.