IBM 227 | How to Sell Your First Product Pt 4: Creating Content that Sells

IBM227-200We share two examples of content sequences that sell in this episode. These examples show you the four product launch objectives in action. You can model either of these sequences to create your own successful product launch.

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In This Episode

  • How to create launch content that has your audience itching to press the buy button
  • How to get your customer to buy now and not just think about it until later
  • Two launch examples to show the anatomy of a successful launch

Items of Interest

  • Special thanks to Scott and Brendo for the open and close music on the episode.


Hey guys,

I’m a lifetime academy member and even attended the fast-track coaching course.

While I was following the fast-track I was working on a parenting blog for fathers. During one of the fast-track coaching calls, I asked you to have a look at my front page.

At one point, one of you exclaimed, “Well, that’s some nice copy!”

I had never really considered myself a Copywriter. Your comment planted the seed of an idea in my mind – I AM a Copywriter.

So I worked at it, practiced and researched and learned as much as I can.

Money has been trickling in with the odd job every month. But THIS month, I am signing a $1,600 per month retainer fee, with a big company. The fee covers my copywriting and content consultancy services.

I owe you for planting that little seed of an idea, tossing it my way in a casual, offhand manner. Now, I look forward to bigger things.

My plan is to quit my job by age 40 (in 3 years time), but with the way things are moving, I’m guessing it might be even sooner :-)

Thanks again. I raise my cup to you kind sirs.

Best regards,

Cedric Debono

Action Guide

Use these four objectives to guide the content you create for your next product launch:

  1. Increase awareness of the pain/problem
  2. Propose a solution (preferably a novel one)
  3. Make it clear that YOU are the best source for that solution
  4. Remove and objections or concerns

What do you think?

What other tips do you have for creating content that sales?

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  1. This episode is so good I’m going back to listen again & take notes!

    • I’m so glad, enjoy!

      • Where do your cart open and cart close dates fit in with sending these emails? Does they all go out after the cart opens or does the first one go out prior to it?

      • For a lower priced product would you ever make the offer in email #2 where you propose the solution?

      • In the hypno-brithing example I gave, the cart would open for sales with email #5 where you first make the offer. You could also send further follow up sales emails after that.

        The other emails I outlined would go before the cart opens.

        For a lower-priced product you can typically sell sooner without as much preparation. You can certainly test a shorter sequence in that case.

  2. love this content! thank you so much. I am in the process of creating a high-end health and fitness mentorship and coaching program for women using Yoga and Plant-Based eating plan to achieve long term results. Question, when I am debunking myths in Email/Video #3, am I debunking myths about how coaching programs don’t work or aren’t necessary or an I debunking myths about how yoga and plant-based diet don’t work and aren’t achievable for the average busy person? Or a bit of both? Thank You so much

    • It would be a bit of both. It just depends on what your people are telling you when you ask them about it. Now, if you hear lots of people talking about one myth or another, make sure to hit those first! Then you can hit the myths you’ve heard your audience talk about in the past, just to make sure you cover them all!

  3. Great content!! Love it.
    How long is the timespan between when you send the first email till the final email? Are they typically sent a few days apart?

    Thanks, Karen

  4. That was a great series, thanks for all your hard work. Word love some more links to the products you talk about other then the signup in num 3…. you guys are ace:)

  5. I have always had one question about launches and products. If you have a self-paced course, or something similar, how/why/when do a launch with a closing date? What to do if i want to keep that course accessible all year long, or if there is no real reason to have a deadline or other limitations? Even if one is to create a brand new course, and does all that launch sequence, what about next time? The course is not new anymore; how would you re-launch it? or would you?