IBM 225 | How to Sell Your First Product Pt 2: Creating the Product


Today we share every tool that we use to create profitable products. We cover it all- audio, video, eBooks and coaching calls. Then we also share our top tips for each of these product formats.

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In This Episode

  • The exact tools that we use to create every product
  • Simple secrets for creating professional quality audio and video products
  • The one tip that will let you charge four times as much for your product

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Hello Everyone!

I have finally found a business & a niche!! Providing tips/info/remedies to baby boomers for anti-ageing and health. I am my avatar as well as millions of Americans and peeps from around the world. I can see myself becoming the Tim Ferriss for Seniors as I like to experiment and will try (almost) anything once! My book could be the 61/2 Hour Body.

Steven Arthur

Somewhat of a breakthrough today! Flexing my newly found influence I have been in touch (but not in a Creepy Way, Jeremy Frandsen) with a number of people and I have been invited to be a guest on the Oh So Pinteresting podcast.

I was also asked to submit a proposal to speak at a conference.

Me thinks Jason & Jeremy may know what they are doing with this course material!

Christian Psencik

What do you think?

What other tools do you use to create products?


  1. If you are using Microsoft Office on a PC you can save as a PDF. No additional software needed. I don’t know about Office on the MAC.

  2. Screen Capture: Make sure if you are using a screen capture software you are not “snagging” copyrighted material or at least have permission to use what you are capturing :-)

    As far as fonts: Choose a font set that has a full set of weights and italics. Make sure you like the book medium and bold weight and how they read and relate to each other.

    Re: pop filter: a old L’EGGS stocking on a Mason jar ring on a coat hanger works in a pinch! But gets sorta old after a while :-)….

  3. For a free online meeting solution, i use AnyMeeting. It has its downsides, but i have been using it for 3 years now. Tips to use that:
    – if you want to record the presentation, do not rely on their recording: you cannot edit it (or at least you could not last time i tried). Instead, use something like Camtasia on your end. It will also be better quality than theirs.
    – if you have an option to use a second computer to be your “helper”, it can give you a first-hand look of how something is seen by the audience (like the size of the image, the colors, or if there is any lag). This also allows you to see the chatbox if the program you are using is covering that area.

    The downside is the set of annoying ads on the right. However, if you charge your audience to attend, those ads are removed (i asked my audience, and offered them to pay $1 to get rid of the ads, and they all said “no, they are not bothering me that bad”!)

  4. Another inexpensive (although not free) way to get professional “bumpers/intro/outro” for your videos is to use AE templates (like VideoHive) and have someone from Fiverr just add your logo/tagline. It is not free, but it looks like you spent a fortune (when you really didn’t).