IBM 224 | How to Sell Your First Product Pt 1: Planning the Product


How to you choose which product to sell next? How can you plan a product that your customers will be eager to buy?

In this episode we answer those questions and more. We talk about the exact process we use to plan our profitable products.

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In This Episode

  • How to eliminate all guessing when planning a product to sell.
  • How to get your audience to practically create a product for you
  • How to get paid before you even create a product

Items of Interest

  • Special thanks to Scott and Brendo for the open and close music on the episode.


ben-osborneI have a little breakthrough I wanted to post. A couple of months ago I posted a about my first video on youtube.

That same video turned out to be a blockbuster (atleast in my niche). I have just had a reported 1000 views in one day,

I’m now averaging 20,000 views a month.

Ben Osborne

Action Guide

  1. Survey your audience
  2. Define the result that the product will deliver
  3. Choose a format
  4. Outline the features, benefits and topics that you will cover
  5. List any questions or concerns about the product
  6. Verify your plan
  7. Pre-sell the product

What do you think?

What do you do when choosing a product to sell?


  1. Wow… This topic is EXACTLY what I am trying to tackle right now. Perfect timing guys! I can’t wait to listen to this…

  2. Somone’s been listening to Dane Maxwell recently.

    • No, why, is he talking about creating info products instead of software?

    • Just as a matter of record, we’ve been teaching this same process for over six years now.

      Yes, Dane is a smart guy and teaches sound principles, but the contents of this podcast were not taken from him. If he teaches the same, it’s because it’s the smart way to do it and it works.

  3. Thanks, guys, for a great podcast. Advertising is one place to start as an affiliate marketer, but it’s our own products that will never be at the whim of an outside advertiser, and which will provide great value to our audience. I appreciate your generosity with such quality content.

    • Absolutely correct. Affiliate products are a great starting point and getting your site profitable, but building an empire requires your OWN products!

  4. Hi Jason and Jeremy,

    Been listening to you fine gents since Aug 2012. Congratulations on all your success and thank you for all you do including the great inspiration you have been to me. Your podcast has been such a big factor to empower me to move forward with online business, thank you. Just wanted to say hi and pass along the good word to you both!


  5. Something is in the cosmos … as again … you guys have just created and offered tremendous value to me personally, at just the right time.

    Talk about “Just in time” learning. This series of podcast is beyond perfect. Thank you.

  6. Jeremy and Jason, this series on product creation is so helpful! I think the part about having people review your product before you sell it was a great tip! What a smart way to work out the kinks and to get some testimonials.

  7. Hi guys,

    Where can I enter my email to get the PDF?



  8. I am a bit curious how one can “survey their audience” in the case they want to create a product for newcomers. If someone is new to a technique, or a program, they are probably not yet on your list, and if they are on your list, they might no longer be newcomers, so how would you suggest to go about finding how to create that product for “those new to X”?

    If the answer is to ask the current audience what they would have liked when they did start (which i think would be one way around), then, how will you reach those newcomers after the product is created? You definitely cannot sell to your list anymore since they are no longer “new”.

    Curious mind here.

  9. Hi Carole,

    Just because someone is on your list doesn’t mean they are no longer a beginner or new to an idea.

    We have a large list and a good portion of them are still new to Internet business. There are many people that have followed internet business tips for years, find us, sign up for the list and are still for all intents and purposes “just getting started.”

    So the answer is to target your ideal audience, get them on your list (or following you on social media) and ask them.

    • Thanks.

    • Well, in the end, i decided to make two surveys with similar yet, slightly different questions: one for the beginners themselves (what they struggle with now, what they want now, etc.) and one for “once a beginner” members, who can also offer a different angle to the same question with a retrospect like “what frustrated you the most when you started…?” or “what is the one thing you really wish you had when you started…?”
      I am hoping this will give an even better picture of my next product “for the beginner”.

  10. About the format the target audience will prefer, i would like to add another “level” here. When i (unofficially) surveyed potential users, in general, about written tutorials, i got two opposite answers:
    (1) some people complained that written tutorials were usually just assuming that you knew most of the steps, so they were hard to follow for beginners
    (2) some others complained that written tutorials were usually too detailed, while they were already familiar with the most basic steps and they only wanted the very specific steps and settings for a particular project

    What i ended up doing, is offering two different handouts: a detailed one (with all the intermediate steps listed) and a summarized one (with only the main project specific steps).

    So i think it is important to consider that even within one favorite format, there might be a need for “sub-formats” too.

  11. Hi Jason and Jeremy,

    I really enjoy your podcasts. This particular how-to series I found to be very helpful and applicable in my regular day job (I have not yet dived into my own business yet). I listen to these podcasts during my 1-hour commute to work (ugh!) and cannot take notes during the podcasts. I was hoping there are PDFs or other text transcriptions of these podcasts available to make it easier for me to quickly reference back to the key points?

    Thanks and keep up the excellent work!