IBM 217 | Listener Questions Answered


On this episode we answer questions sent in by Facebook and Twitter.


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In This Episode

  • How to overcome paralysis of analysis
  • How to break out of a mental/emotional funk
  • How to network with influencers in your market when you’re first starting out
  • And much more…


BreakthroughIBM217-200Hi everyone. I just had to share this with you. My niche is resources for choir leaders and I just had this message from one of my subscribers:

“Must tell you I truly love what you are doing for us. As a teacher, we are always strained for time, under a pile of administrative duties that take us away from our own creativity. It is really nice to be constantly fed. You do make a difference.”

How fab is that? It makes what I’m doing feel so important!

-Victoria Hopkins, Bournemouth, United Kingdom

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  1. Heidi Bender says:

    Thank you for answering my question on the podcast! I was very surprised to hear my name when listening to this episode on my way to work.

    I am pleased to say that I have chosen a business name.

    • I’m so glad you did! Was it the advise that helped or had you picked it already?

      • Heidi Bender says:

        I had made a decision in between time of asking question and hearing advice on this podcast episode. It was very good advice. Based on information in the academy content I realized I need to pick something to move forward.

  2. Great podcast guys! Listened to it this week and I’m still loving the improved format. I tried the link in the breakthrough box to check out her website and wanted to let you know it’s broken.

  3. Hey guys! I am Ricardo Butler who asked about the following passion or profit. I asked about changing from a market that is not as profitable but I am passionate about to a market that I am not passionate about but is more profitable. Thanks for answering my question. My market is Christian hip-hop music business/ministry consulting and just helping artists market better. But Christian hip-hop artist have a “ministry” non-profit mindset that they KNOW is a problem. But they don’t want to invest in their success. They have seen that those who invest (like myself and many many others) have made it on an independent level. They get frustrated because they are not making money then chalk up their lost (while still complaining) “It was for the Lord and not for the money anyway.” Then we lose an artist to some other industry that they are not as good at. On the other side, I am a good writer and have sold many books on Amazon (having 9 Christian hip-hop business development books on Kindle) but I don’t want to teach writing as a profit. I kind of write, blog, create courses, teach, and create other content and marketing materials as a way to refresh and rest. It’s fulfilling and I don’t want to turn that into a business though a lot of people would love for me to teach them how to write. I know it would be profitable. I am just not that passionate about it. So that is the more detailed version of the question.

    • Ricardo,

      Thanks for sharing.

      It sounds like the christian hip-hip niche would stay nothing more than a passion-project.

      If you’d like to create a profitable business, look for something that can be fulfilling AND make you money.

      The profitable example that you share sounds like it’s not the answer for you, but I’m sure there is another idea waiting for you to pursue it.