IBM 216 | A New Trend in Online Income that will Grow Your Business, an Interview with Jim Hopkinson


Have you ever wanted to jump on a growing trend before everyone else hops on the bandwagon?

In this episode, Jim Hopkinson gives us the inside scoop on the changing landscape of online courses. He also shares his exact process he used to attract customers and profit from this new opportunity.

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In This Episode

  • An untapped way to create an online income stream
  • A simple way to launch your first course

Items of Interest


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What do you think?

How will you use online course sites to attract customers and create a new income stream?


  1. Is that bar with social media icons on the left hand side of this page something custom, or is it a specific tool? I’d love to add something like that to my site.

    Sorry, I know that’s not related to this episode, but if someone can let me know I would really appreciate it.

  2. Great interview and very forward thinking where education is going. We will see which provider comes to the top.

  3. Hi guys

    I’m just launching a new site about mystery shopping (in Australia) – how to get the best out of what’s out there, I’m not representing the companies being mystery shopped.

    I can easily see the opportunity for some kind of membership site in that context – it is possible an online course could come out of that.

    As I’ve learnt from listening to your show, once you’ve got the client base, just ask them what they want. Although, I read recently that Henry Ford said if he’d just asked his clients what they wanted, they’d have said a faster horse!



    PS I missed you guys, seemed a bit of a break between podcasts.

  4. I heard this episode not too long ago and have been wanting to do something with it in relation to dancing.

    I recently had th opporunity to film something for a former student and I figured I’d use all that content as the free udemy course. The Course is How To Break Dance: A B-Boy 101 Mini-Course, there’s about 2+ Hours of content plus bonus tutorials in how to create your own freestyle combination of moves and exercises to increase strength and endurance.

    The course went public Friday and I’m due to hit 100 enrollments by the end of the day, Saturday.

    I’m now convinced that there’s a demand for this and I’ll be creating the full blown “How to Break Dance: B-Boy Academy” course.

    I guess my question is now that I’m seeing a lot of traction with the mini course, should I keep it free or bump it up to a small price?