IBM 215 | How to Find a Mastermind that Works

IBM215-200Have you struggled to find a mastermind that works? Are you unsure of how to find the right group for you?

A quality mastermind group propels you forward with feedback, inspiration and accountability.

In this episode we share seven steps to find a mastermind that works for you.

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In This Episode

  • A common myth that’s holds people back from finding an ideal mastermind that works
  • The best place to find members for your mastermind
  • One thing every mastermind needs in order to succeed

Items of Interest

Mastermind Agenda

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Action Guide

  1. Define your ideal mastermind
  2. Be the leader
  3. Find 3-4 ideal people that are a good fit
  4. Reach out to them personally
  5. Schedule the first meeting
  6. Create and send out an agenda
  7. Establish a way to talk between meetings

What do you think?

What do you look for in a mastermind group? What has worked well for your mastermind group?


  1. This is a great episode! I love the changes and the new intro. Your podcast was awesome before and now it’s even better. The music and transitions are fantastic. I’m so glad to see the survey prompted great advancements! I like that it was a bit shorter, therefore I was eager to listen. I miss the quick tip – maybe another podcast that is just quick tips ;) – I see the possibilities – and new podcasts popping up that are quick format and short to the point. So excited to see what other ideas you have come to life!

  2. Really great episode guys!

  3. Hey, me again… you forgot to add the mp3 download link. Sorry to be a pest! Lol

  4. Thank you guys for a really interesting podcast.

    Nothing to add – you guys know the topic in and out. Except, your podcast is my mastermind group :)

    As for shortening the show to 30 min… well.. :? .. I most definitely don’t see any reason why you should do that. But that is my opinion only.

    You have built your audience with 1 hour podcasts.. well, we will see :)

    And for sure, you will not loose me as a loyal listener ;)

    Thank you for having this podcast and the great job you both and your team are doing.

    Best wishes from the UK

  5. Great episode as usual guys. Liking the new format – miss the quick tips though. This is very timely for me as I just started a MeetUp group = Tidewater Internet Business here in Virginia. I’m going to print these things out and go over them for our first meeting. While I want this to service everyone, I’m the one taking the time to start and administer the group so I’ll make sure it suits my needs first!!!! Thanks again – for everything.

  6. Hi guys

    I’ve been in a mastermind group (we’d have probably called it an ‘accountability’ group) for the past few years. I find it interesting that everyone’s efforts ebb and flow as time goes on. Somehow, whenever I’m down, others are up and vice versa. There’s no question being in the group (we largely communicate just by email but sometimes face to fave) has helped my progress.