IBM 214 | How to Have the Best Year Ever in 2014


Did you know, you are ten times more likely to stick to a new habit if you start at the New Year.

In this episode, we discuss six ways to make 2014 the best year ever. Adopt just one of the six and you’ll see significant results in your progress. Happy New Year!



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In This Episode

  • What we have been running away from that we are embracing in the New Year
  • The secret to sticking to new habits
  • The trends that will multiply your business in 2014

Items of Interest


IBM214-breakthroughOK, today I got my 100th twitter follower, so it’s time to fess up. I was one of those people who looked down my nose at Twitter. I’d tried it once and it seemed a complete waste of time. Could not see any value.

Now I’m loving it.

My 100th follower means I’ve grown my followers 100% in about 2 weeks. From small things big things grow!

And I’ve discovered heaps more people/programs related to my niche – and connected with some of them. And got an interview offer. And have an international network/audience slowly forming whereas previously I barely reached out of my home town. And have access to more entrepreneurial knowledge that I know what to do with (yes I am ignoring it till I master the IBM way).

Thanks Jason and Jeremy!

And my twitter name is @jaredosb if anyone wants to connect.

-Jared Osborne

Quick Tip

Happiness. Gamification. Mobile. Science. Four of our favorite things.

These are also four trends that will amplify your brand if you integrate them into your business.

Happify is a fantastic little app that shows you how to boost your happiness with daily gamification to make it fun.

Action Guide

1. Set a theme for 2014

Jason’s theme is “be prolific.” The daily action will be to write 1000 words.

Jeremy’s theme is to master the sales funnel.

Action: Choose something that scares you and embrace it daily in the New Year.

2. Focus on Consistency Over Results

Action: Set up a Lift account. Use it to track your daily habit. Just focus on showing up and doing something every day towards your goals. Don’t get hung up on results at first.

3. Find your voice

Action: Be You! Check out the book How to Fascinate to learn your unique personality advantage.

4. Discover your intrinsic motivation

Action:  Enjoy the present. Avoid the arrival fallacy. Do things for the joy that they bring you now Listen to IBM episodes 203 and 205.  Take the Strengthsfinder assessment.

5. Create a community

All you need is 100 people to grow something bigger than yourself and your message.

Action: Earn one fan at a time on Twitter. Then start a FB Group on Twitter when you reach 100 engaged fans.

6. Build meaningful relationships

Relationships are everything to business AND to happiness.

Action: Choose three people that you would like to deepen relationships with in 2014.  Decide how you can create value for them OR how you can find out how to create value for them.

Download the MP3

What do you think?

How will you make 2014 the best year ever?


  1. Hi Jeremy and Jason,

    Wishing you and your team a happy and prosperous new year!

    I’m wondering about the “Fascinate” book mentioned in the podcast. Your link points to the author’s website and the test, but not the book itself.

    Does the book itself (available on Amazon) include the test you are discussing, or do I need to purchase the test independently from the author’s website.

    • Happy New Year! I’m going to have our team put a link to the book as well, though she is about to update it, I hear…

      The book doesn’t include the test.

  2. Great episode. Lots a great things to implement. In fact this episode reminded me to start the 7 min workout daily. I also have started tracking with the Lift app more. Let’s build some good habits! Thanks for another great year guys.

    Jason, when Cece is ready for some Disney magic, we’ll help you plan a great trip. :)

  3. I really enjoyed listening to this episode. Coming back to the show notes was even better!

    Thanks for all you guys do // ‘So Encouraged! Happy New Year //


  4. I’ve been saying I was going to write 500 words a day for several weeks now. I even accomplished it a couple of times. After listening to this podcast today, I decided to change that goal to just writing for 15 minutes a day. Somehow that seems much more doable and much less intimidating.

    I was ready to head to bed…but decided to give that 15 minutes a shot. It’s only 15 minutes. I wrote 600 words in less than 15 minutes. Pure craziness. :)

    THANKS! You guys are always encouraging and it is ALWAYS much appreciated!

    Happy 2014 – The Best Year Ever!

  5. Great episode.

    Jeremy when you said you rebel against even things that would benefit you, like seeing other people in your industry do speaking and then knee-jerk reaction is “ok well then I won’t do speaking!” I totally relate.

    It reminds me of my 8th grade when most kids I knew were drinking and smoking pot and I rebelled by not doing that and hanging out with the nerds instead and getting all A’s. So rebellion can be a good thing.
    But on the flip side, I also hurt myself. I listen to your podcast and pick up all kinds of great tips but sometimes find myself saying “Oh if that’s what they’re doing I will do something else and it will be my way and be better.”

    How do you frame it on your mind to not rebel against everything even things that are good? (I still want to be a rebel but not against 99% of things in life!)

    • First off, now that I’m so intensely aware of the issue, I’m going to start looking at all my actions to see if I’m doing it. If I am, I’m going to RATIONALLY look at each individual instance and see if I judge it to be helping or hurting me. I did that with speaking at NMX just a couple weeks ago. I almost didn’t do it, cause of this rebel thing. I had to keep talking myself into it. I ended up really enjoying it and I grew as a speaker and storyteller, because I identified the rebellion early and got to make a LOGICAL decision, instead of a reactionary and usually illogical decision. Does that make sense and help?

  6. Hey Guys,

    I think you accidentally forgot to include the download link. Can you please add that, or if I’m blind let me know where I can find it lol. Kind Regards,


  7. Hey guys!

    I was listening to this podcast, and I’d been using Lift for working out and studying Korean, and it occurred to me that they didn’t have any plans for WordPress, part of my internet business.

    So, you guys always talk about taking action, so I thought I should. I literally parked my park after the commute, went upstairs to our apartment, and began recording screencasts for the WordPress plan.

    Well, I submitted it, and this month it is FEATURED (21 Days to WordPress Proficiency)! I’m so pumped! Just wanted to say thanks for kickin’ my butt on my commute:-).

    Keep it up, and be well.

  8. Awesome, Nate! What a great idea. I love that you took fast action on your idea, too.

    You have that validation that there is value to what you have to share. Now just continue to multiply that.

    Please keep us updated!


    • Thanks for the encouragement, fellas.
      Will keep y’all updated, for sure.
      Be well!

    • Hey guys,

      Update: just finished up a project from a client I got from I’m not sure how many people have gone through the plan on Lift (don’t get analytics from Lift:-(…), but I’m pretty stoked to have the one. Definitely pays for the time to develop the plan:-).

      Loving the Audioblogs. THANK YOU for doing that. I have a long commute:-).

      Be well,

  9. Congrats on taking action!!! I certainly does seem to be the key to success, as far as I’ve seen!