1. Great information Jeremy & Jason! This will be a guaranteed hit with many people.

    You mean you shouldn’t tweet every 5 to 10 minutes like some marketers do? ;) So much SPAM on twitter these days it’s crazy!

    -Jozsef Kiss

    • Thanks, Jozsef!

      Twitter has gotten a bit out of control. That’s one of the reasons I stopped using it for awhile. But I’ve found that with the method shared in this episode, it becomes a powerful relationship engine.

  2. Jeremy and Jason,

    This was a fantastic episode.

    I have recently been focusing on Twitter to attract an audience and build credibility.

    I use the same tools you do, so I’m doing something right.

    Not only do I automate tweets every hour for a week, I only focus on the people in the “Mentions” tab and go down the list and engage with them by re-tweeting one of their messages and just have some good old fashioned conversation.

    I only limit myself to engage with the people on the mentions page for about 15 minutes per day, then I favorite the last person I message. It’s like a bookmark for me to keep track of where I left off.

    As for scheduling tweets for a week, it can be outsourced.

    I also say hello to the people who follow me and re-tweet at least one of their tweets.

    If I decide to follow them, then I put them under a category in my Twitter Lists. I only follow people who fall under a category in my list.

    You two are right, it can be a job of it’s own but once you have a system down, it gets better.

    To Your Success,
    Stacie Walker
    Woman in Leadership Founder

    • Stacie,

      Sounds like you have a great system working for you.

      I do spend a lot of time engaging with and following people who engage with me. It’s the 80/20 way to connect with people who are interested in connecting with you.

  3. This episode is awesome! I have had Twitter for a few years and have never really understood how to use it, until now! Also loved the quick tip and breakthrough. I have been trying to figure out how to start my own online community so this is definitively “just in time learning” ;) Thank you!!!

  4. This is an awesome post! I started using ManageFlitter from one of your previous mentions in a podcast- great tool. I just love Buffer!!! I’m going to “upgrade to awesome” – because it’s just that good.

    I love what both of you do here and I’m looking forward to getting up the courage and the funds to join up and really take my internet interests to the next level!!!

    Each week I can’t wait to listen to your podcast. When Pat Flynn first recommended you I think I listened to your archive for about a month straight. You really know your stuff and you are both inspiring.

    Thank your for the engagement with me on @Twitter too. I appreciate the time you take out of your day to respond.

    Wishing you all the best in 2014!

  5. Jeremy and Jason – thanks so much for mentioning! I was thrilled to hear the mention at the end of your latest podcast.
    (And to any writers, artists, filmmakers, or musicians who may be reading this now: Please come join us!)

  6. This is fantastic!

    I’ve launched a new website( and need to actively drive traffic to my site. I am an experienced web developer, but Twitter is one of those things I’ve never really warmed to.

    But now I find that it’s something I need to get to grips with to reach a large audience. I’ve been trying various Twitter strategies over the past few weeks, but they did not really resonate with me – I want to be authentic.

    This strategy really ticks all the boxes for me, and I will be implementing my customised version from today. Thank you.

    BTW I discovered your site after you followed me on Twitter.

  7. Perfect timing. Your just in time learning hit me at a perfect time. Relauching my blog in February so I’m learing how to build my online relationships. Thanks for the Twitter system. Good Stuff. I’ll share it on my new tweet!

  8. Thank you Jason and Jeremy for your great advice. After listening to this episode, I restructured my Twitter plan, and have been following it religiously. Still have more work to do.

    Currently have 50 quotes, 30 photography tips, and maybe 10 resources. Need to work more on the resources especially. Been using Feedly and Buffer, both great tools.

    I’ve identified 3 true fans so far, although I have over 4100 followers. Haven’t connected with any influencers in the photo industry yet. Although, I believe Jason is one of my followers now which I considered a milestone. Anyway, one of my true fans posted this yesterday.

    ‏”If you are into #photography – New or Old user then follow this guy @WesGibsonPhoto Always tweeting some great links / tips to assist”

    I feel like I’m starting to get some traction on Twitter.

    Thank you two again.

  9. For your buffer feeds time, do you mean 8am? Not 8pm, right?

  10. One of my favorite podcasts! Normally I don’t take notes while listening to podcasts but the information you shared here was something that I knew I could use in my biz right away.

    My Twitter account was getting stagnant and I was losing followers until I started implementing the strategy shared here. Thank you so much for helping me to build my Twitter engagement and getting my following building again!

  11. Have you guys tested out the new hootsuite auto-schedule feature? Any insights on how that does compared to the static times you suggest in this episode?

  12. Cat Lam says:

    Hi guys! Great podcast. Thank you for guiding me through the incredibly complex world of twitter. It’s interesting to me to see a company spark or help spark an entirely new industry to support its services.

    It seems that Topsy has gone away now (Jan, 2016)… the link in the show notes just directs you to a page illustrating how to use Siri to search on your idevice. Pretty funny!.. since you had mentioned in the podcast that Apple has since bought Topsy. (I think that was the one??)

    Anyhoo, thanks for the great advice. You’re right, podcasts are such a powerful way to build relationships. I feel like I talk to you guys every day now!!