IBM 210 | Traffic Strategies that Work Now, an Interview with Justin Brooke

IBM210-200Traffic generation has changed a lot over the last couple years. New opportunities have emerged while some old standbys have stopped working. So what is working today?

In this episode, Traffic expert, Justin Brooke, shares specific traffic campaigns that he uses to dependably drive traffic and boost sales.

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In This Episode

  • How to turn $1 into $3 with Facebook traffic
  • A growing traffic opportunity that most businesses don’t even know about yet
  • A proven Facebook traffic campaign that will bring you results today

Items of Interest















Yep, that check says $15,564.80.






























Quick Tip

More than anything else, the subject line determines whether or not your emails get opened. What if your subject doesn’t even get seen?

With so many different devices, platforms and providers handling email today, it’s important to be sure your subject looks good on all of them.

If the subject line is too long, it will get cut off. Cut off the important part of the message and your open rates will take a dive.

Use the Litmus Subject Line Checker to make sure your subject line looks good when it gets delivered. Enter the subject line and immediately get a preview of how it looks on all the most popular email platforms.

Action Guide

If you’re currently focused on boosting traffic, choose one of the suggested campaigns from this episode and implement it in the next week.

What Do You Think?

What was your biggest insight from this interview?


  1. WOW! What a value packed episode! Definitely one I’ll be listening to again and taking better notes (this time I was walking on breaks trying to scribble on an index card..hehe). I appreciated the info on setting up the Facebook campaigns particularly around a piece of content that isn’t “salesy”..just adding value. Also, thanks for the “Follow” site reference. Definitely checking that out! Thanks again!

    • Vickie,

      Glad you got so much value. It’s always a challenge when you have a lot of notes to take on the go! I’m trying to come up with a way to take notes using Siri that will automatically go to Evernote with the help of

  2. I gotta say, I’ll be listening to this one again! Great takeaway on this one. I love the “Map the neighborhood” part. Thanks Guys!

  3. The other website mentioned by Justin was SimilarWeb. I am excited to checkout this site and use it as part my strategy. Thanks for a great podcast interview!

  4. This was a great episode. Very practical stuff to apply!

    By the way, you mentioned that people were sending in their first money mile stone pictures. I’m not in the Academy as of yet, but I did get my first payment. Where do I send that?

  5. Guys, I am a listener from Germany that is currently living and podcasting in South Korea. I agree so much with what you said in the beginning of the episode about the value of “face time” with your audience/listeners/the people you wanna help with your product. You get to hear directly from them what moves them, what questions they have and their feedback. I truly appreciate your podcast. Thanks so much. Oh and whenever you happen to be in gGermany or in the Republic of Korea – let me know.
    Auf Wiedersehen!

  6. Great episode guys one of the best ones to date. I have to say I laughted at the thought of Facebook adds 5 months ago. There is a definate change to the new ads that Facebook has released now.

    Also on a lighter note I remember your podcast where you were speaking about Chipotle and the video cartoon they did to market their company. I noticed something similar recently when I went to the cinema to see Gravity.

    There was a trailer to Ben Stillers new movie “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” where he’d addressed the audience before the trailer. I thought that it was a great marketing idea. I was really engaged in what he said and now I really want to see that movie. I have already forgotten the other trailers that where mentioned.

    I just felt that It related a little to that episode about the Chipotle cartoon and this new form of really engaging marketing.

    Thanks Guys – From Daniel

    • Justin’s ideas got my wheels turning when it comes to Facebook ads, too. We’re finishing up a new funnel, then we plan to launch a FB campaign.

      There’s something else I love about your Ben Stiller example. It breaks the usual pattern. We are all programmed to expect certain things when it comes to previews (the MPAA deck, the movie guy voice, etc.)

      It breaks our expectations to have the star speak right at us from the scree. Love it!

  7. Loved this episode. I agree – I will need to listen again. It was also funny – ha ha – since I have made some many of the mistakes he mentions. Thanks for the information packed show!

  8. That was one of the best podcasts ever, great content on social media and traffic strategies that are a little bit different. Love your work guys.

  9. Michael Sevilla says:

    That was a great Podcast! Biggest takeaways for me:
    1. map the neighborhood (talk about the blinding glare of the obvious, I can’t believe I didn’t think of it. This is great!)

    @ Jason or Jeremy – it would helpful to include all the tools/recommendations discussed in the podcast, or at least the major ones. I usually listen to your podcast in my car and count on the fact I can visit this site to get all the sources. Luckily Michael posted the link to my number 2.

    Love the value you guys provide to your audience, wishing you and your families a Happy Thanksgiving.

    • Hi Michael,

      Glad you enjoyed it. I try to write down everything that gets mentioned for the show notes, but I must have been so engrossed by his tips that I missed some!

      I love the Map the Neighborhood idea, too.

  10. This is a top 10 podcast for 2013 … great great stuff .. i have a brother with a business online at we’ve gotten him to #1 with his keyword on Google .. now we are aiming at Facebook … Justin and Jeremy this was JUST IN TIME info! thanks so much .. one of the reason i am an academy member, because your free is so good .. the paid is like whip cream on the pumpkin pie!!

  11. Fantastic episode guys! I listened to it twice in a row to catch every little bit of it. Great point with testing your keyword before putting a lot of work into SEO. I’m going to test Google AdWords now with a mini campaign before spending more work for one of my new niche sites.


  12. Awesome! Let us know how it goes?

  13. Patrick Kane says:

    I hate to sound like a broken record….but a definite multi listen…already have several time, and will again….Haven’t been listening long, but so far this was my favorite…thanks for sharing