IBM 209 | 7 Tips to Get the Most from Mastermind Groups

IBM209-200Mastermind groups are often said to be the key to rapid business growth. They are a source of inspiration and accountability. But there’s also a dark side to mastermind groups that can cost you greatly if you’re not aware.

In this episode we share tips to get the most out of mastermind groups. We also share the pitfalls that we’ve experienced from masterminds and how to avoid them for yourself.

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In This Episode

  • The dark side of mastermind meetings that will derail you if you’re not aware
  • Common mastermind mistakes that limit their effectiveness
  • The common weakness in mastermind groups that leads to getting bad advice
  • Why Jeremy is taking a break from mastermind groups while Jason is starting a new one

Quick Tip

IFTTT (If This Then That) is a web software that makes it easy to automate tasks by connecting popular services like Evernote, Facebook, Dropbox, iOS apps and many more.

It works based on the simple recipe “if this happens then do that.”

For example:

  • If I get an attachment in GMail, then save it to Dropbox
  • If I post a status to Facebook, then save it to evernote

Recently I created a recipe to keep track of ideas I have for content while on the go. It allows me to tell Siri, on my iPhone, to create a reminder in my Content Ideas reminder list. This automatically triggers an IFTTT recipe that saves the idea to an Evernote note. Next time I’m at my computer, all my content ideas are saved in one convenient place.

There are endless possibilities. Use any of the pre-made recipes or create your own. You can read more about how it works here.

Action Guide

Review the seven tips and use them to get the most from your mastermind groups.

  1. Chemistry is critical
  2. Avoid conflict of interest
  3. Find similar experience levels
  4. Be vulnerable
  5. Keep it small
  6. Beware the need to sound smart
  7. Don’t lose site of your own values and voice

What do you think?

What other tips do you have more getting the most from mastermind groups?


  1. Just finished listening to the Mastermind episode. (I subscribed to the podcast after hearing about you on Mark Mason’s LateNightIM show.) Glad I stuck through the whole show because the Quick Tip was awesome…the main content was good, but the QT was off the charts. Can I ‘sample’ the audio portion on the QT for my Actors Talk podcast? I have an audience that includes screenwriters, directors and filmmakers as well as actors and I think the info on IFTTT and linking comments is tremendous for those folks. Thanks.

  2. Thanks Jeremy…Will share with my fellow mastermind group members