IBM 208 | How to Create a Business that is 90% Outsourced, a Success Story Interview with Loren Johnson

IBM208-200With your current systems, team members and way of thinking, there is a limit to the size of your income and the impact you will make.If you want to continue growing, you have to offload tasks by outsourcing and automating.

In today’s interview, we talk to Internet Business Mastery follower, Loren Johnson, who’s created a business that is 90% outsourced and automated. This allows him to focus on the 10% that he loves.

Loren even runs a service-based business (Acting Classes in Perth) and still manages to outsource to a high level. So if he can do it, we all can.

In our conversation with Loren we discuss specific tips and systems that you can use to bust through your own ceiling to reach new levels of freedom, fulfillment and profitability.

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In This Episode

  • The single most important resource your business needs in order to run itself
  • How to make more money by working less
  • How to use Aweber to automate a stellar customer experience
  • The little-known Facebook feature that will jumpstart your Facebook following
  • The secrete to persevering when times get tough

Items of Interest


Breakthrough208Hi Jason and Jeremy!


I was in Podcasting Profits a year ago (and now I’m an academy member).

While I studied everything hard core at the time, life kept getting in the way no matter how ambitious I was, and I couldn’t actually publish anything.

I even had episode one finished before the end of the course.), but I wanted to have several episodes before I launched.

While I’m still sad I didn’t publish sooner, I feel like the time was right for me to launch when I did which was late last month.

I wanted to share that I’m currently listed #4 in New and Noteworthy under Technology in iTunes!

For the past week, I have gotten over 100 downloads PER DAY. And the past 4 days, it’s been over 200 PER DAY! For only 7 episodes, that seems great to me.

THANKS for reading this far. I had to share this with someone who cares.

The podcast is far from perfect, but it’s definitely a start. Progress not perfection, right? :)

All the best to the both of you!


Michael Szapkiw

Quick Tip

Here’s how to create an operations manual for your business using WordPress.

  1. Install WordPress in a subdirectory of your site. Keep this address secret or even consider running a password protection plugin on it.
  2. Install a theme. We recommend KnowPress.
  3. Create categories that represent each of the areas in your business. Use these to organize your procedures. See the screenshot below for an idea of the categories that we use.
  4. Start creating procedures NOW for each task in your business. Encourage your team members to do the same.


Action Guide

Choose one of the following actions to take based on what was discussed on this episode. Select the one that best fits your current goals.

  1. Start building an operations manual (see the Quick Tip above)
  2. Find a way to give your team more trust and autonomy, empower them to step up.
  3. Set up an Aweber autoresponder series for new customers to give them a stellar customer experience.

What do you think?

What other tips do you have for automating and outsourcing parts an online business? What questions do you have about the topics discussed in this episode?


  1. This is just in time. I am in the process of writing down the tasks for a new VA. My site is not a WordPress site, can I still use knowpress?

    • Hi Emily,

      KnowPress us just for WordPress. You can use whatever platform that works for you. You just want it to be private, easy to access and edit and organized in a way that works for your team. If nothing else, get started with Google Docs for now.

    • G’Day Emily,

      Loren here from the podcast, I’m excited to hear you’re managing to get some of your tasks done by VA’s – congrats, it is a massive help in allowing you to a) wok on the business not just in it, and also b) enjoy a better lifestyle.

      Based off your comment, I suggest you start with a Google Doc as Jason as mentioned. A reason why I love GDrive and Google Docs is the ability to share with others and edit without then having to re-email – as everyone has access to the updated changes – NICE & EASY!!

      Have a great day!

      Loren Johnson

  2. Hi Jason and Jeremy,

    Loved this podcast. Was wondering – what plugin do you use to make the site “secure”, i.e. so that my employees have to login to the operations manual?

    Do you use wishlist for that too?


    • Hi Jim,

      We use iMember360 because our system is run on Infusionsoft database. However, Wishlist would work just fine, too.

    • G’Day Jim,

      Loren here from the podcast, also if you are after something quick and cheap, you can use Weebly (, as it allows for a login option simply at the click of a button, it’ so easy!!

      All the best mate.

      PS: Love your website idea!

      Loren Johnson

  3. Thank you so much for this podcast! So timely, I run a service based business and am looking into hiring a VA. Really committed to doing this now.
    And the operations suggestions are awesome. Have implemented the new email, and will be setting up the wordpress site tomorrow.

    • I’m so excited for you. The world shifts once you get the courage to get a VA. It’s a big moment.

    • Excellent! Let us know how the dive into working with a VA goes.

    • Hey Jared,

      Loren here from the podcast. I would like to say that I just popped over to your site to have a look around, I know that it is not really started yet, but mate I wanted to say, you have grabbed me already, especially with the title and sub-title. WOW, this is truly a great idea, with so much potential also for growth in the years to come.

      Work hard & smart Jared, and make something outstanding. Best of luck to you.

      PS: Jared, please do connect with me on Facebook or LinkedIn, I am excited to see what you bring to this site and the growth of your online business.


  4. Hi Guys,

    Very timely podcast! Thank you so much. I got a lot out of it!

    Question about the logistics of outsourcing. I’m struggling with figuring out costs/benefits of dipping my toes into outsourcing on a project I’m bidding on for a client.

    I know how valuable time is and how important it is to leverage that asset, however, my concern is falling into an outsourcing gig that ends up costing me more time in giving instructions, back and forth emails, asking for revisions and not getting what I need.

    Do you guys have any checks and balances or processes you use to prevent time and cost creep when outsourcing projects?

    • Hi Kirsten,

      When you first start outsourcing, there’s going to be an investment of time to get your new team member(s) up to speed. That’s why ideally you build a relationship with someone that lasts a long time so that you get the most from the up front investment.

      That said, here are some things you can do to help protect against wasted time and money.

      1. Hire the right person.

      Take the time to find someone with the right qualifications. Talk to them on the phone (or Skype video) to see if it is the right fit. And if it you find out it’s not the right fit, don’t be afraid to cut bait.

      Not only do you need the right skills and experience, you need to find someone with the right strengths. StrengthsFinder 2.0 and Kolbe assessments are helpful for this.

      2. Keep these DOs and DON’Ts in mind.

      3. Overestimate the Needed Investment

      If this is for client work, then work in padding to allow for the unexpected. Don’t set yourself up for frustration. Know that there is going to be a time and energy investment to get the team up to speed. Work that into your plans.

      Let me know if you have other questions.


    • G’Day Kirsten,

      Loren here from the podcast. First of all, really nice site idea, for a large strong market that will never disappear – good job.

      Regarding your question, I have never done outsourcing on a ‘project’ basis, my staff are hired to work with me long-term and as Jason mentioned it is going to take time and a little money to getting them ready. Many start outsourcing and simply pass all there ‘stuff’ to the poor VA and expect that the work gets done. This is not going to work, as the VA has no idea about what you do and how you do it.

      based of what you said, I would start by a) identifying an end goal, that may be a list of tasks, and then b) working out how I need to train that VA.

      All the best with everything and remember it is a process of trail and error.


  5. What a timing. I just realized this weekend that only 20% of the tasks i do weekly/monthly for my business don`t HAVE to be done by me, and just this weekend, i proceeded to start outsourcing some of them (video editing, guidebook writing, newsletter production, webinar registration management, research, etc.) It is scary, but today, when i listened to this podcast, i thought it was the perfect validation of this decision. I just discovered your podcast and started listening yesterday.