IBM 207 | How to Achieve the Perfect Business Day

IBM207-200Are you constantly overwhelmed? Does there never seem to be enough time to do everything? Do you spend time doing things that drain your energy?

I doubt this is what you had in mind when you decided to be an entrepreneur.

What you really want is to spend all your time doing only the things that you do best. Everything else would be handled by teams and systems.

In fact, the more we focus on the things that are energizing, strengths-based and value producing, the more we will be fulfilled AND the more money we will make.

This episode gives you seven steps to make achieve perfect days where this is a reality.

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In This Episode

  • 7 Steps or Achieving the Perfect Business Day
  • How to find the time to do everyting that is most important to you
  • How to finally bust out of frantic “brush fire” mode

Items of Interest

Recently I learned a lesson in perseverance and progress from my 18-month old daughter.

After tripping over a concrete curb and landing face first in the playground mulch, she got back up and tried again. For the next ten minutes she practiced stepping up and back down, talking herself through it.

How often do we “fall down” only to give up and shy away from things that didn’t go our way?

Watching CeCe’s determination was a powerful reminder to keep moving forward until things do work out.


Quick Tip

Breakthrough 207Our favorite new business podcast is 10xTalk. Each show is a conversation between Dan Sullivan, one of our coaches, and Joe Polish. Both are successful entrepreneurs with decades of experience and multi-million dollar organizations.

Each episode delivers powerful mindset shifts and actionable frameworks for exponentially growing your business.


Action Guide

  1. Log Your Activities
  2. Categorize Your Activities
  3. Define Your Ideal Day
  4. Calculate Your Current Percentage of 3P Activities
  5. Set a goal of the percentage you want to achieve
  6. Starting with the Incompetent Activities, clear your plate
  7. TRY IT! Block off one full day to do nothing but 3P activities

What do you think?

How do you manage your time and energy in order to focus on what is most important to you?


  1. I totally hear you, guys!
    I’m usually trapped in the design world, because I’m a designer by trade. I waste so much time working on my own designs and I’m usually never 100% happy with it. With my blog I just want to put out content, and not spending even more time doing what I already do 8 hours in my day job. It would be so much easier to just outsource it, but it’s just so difficult to pay somebody for something you could easily do yourself.

    • Daniel,

      It takes a leap to give up those things we feel we are good at. When you consider the cost of NOT outsourcing, it can give you the impetus to finally make the change.

  2. This episode totally rocked – I listened to it twice today – once on the way to my day job and again on the way home. While I’m not financially in a position to outsource as much as I would like, there are 2 things I can take action on today to increase the time I spend on my 3 P’s – hire a bookkeeper and a photographer to do my product photography. Spot on advice as always – thanks guys!!

  3. Awesome! Enjoy and let us know what you think!

  4. Ali,

    Those both sound like great next actions. Let us know how it goes!

  5. Being an entrepreneur is certainly tough but I truly love it! This was a great post and thank you, Jeremy!