IBM 206 | 5 Steps to Build a Social Media Following from Scratch, an Interview with Rick Mulready

IBM206-200When starting a business from scratch, one of the fastest ways to build a following is using social media.

Rick Mulready has rapidly become a trusted source for leading content creators looking to drive traffic with social media.

In this episode, we get Rick’s best advice on how to use social strategies to build your following (or boost the one you already have).

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In This Episode

  • Which social media sites give the biggest results for your time?
  • Proven strategies for attracting your first followers
  • 5 steps for building a responsive, loyal fan base
  • The newest, biggest opportunities for getting social media traffic


Breakthrough 206Knowing your Single Motivating Purpose really helps out.

I got laid off last Thursday. My business isn’t profitable yet so I needed to find some side jobs to make ends meet.

I found what sounded to be something that would go along with my SMP.

As I go out the door my wife says, “Don’t you want to bring your resume?”


If they are the type of business to hire me off my resume, I don’t want to work for them.

I met the owner, explained my “unique skillset” (SMP), and less than 24 hours later got the job!

I can now work from home intermittently while I kick butt on building my own business!

Josh Brown

Quick Tip

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ManageFlitter makes it easy to sift and sort through the people you follow, so you can maximize your social connections. I recently used it to strip down to around 100 people I follow. It’s given new life to Twitter.

Give it a try!

Action Guide

  1. Choose one or two social networks where your target audience are already hanging out. The top ones to choose from are Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and LinkedIn.
  2. Use search to find people having conversations and asking questions about your topic. Look for opportunities to add value. Notice what kind of content gets the biggest response.
  3. Based on what you discovered, put together links, resources, quotes, images and tips that you can share. Make your goal to earn loyal fans that see you as a trusted resource.

What do you think?

What other social media strategies have worked well for you to gain followers and drive traffic?


  1. I’m confused. He says yo search twitter for relevant convey a told. Then listen. Then talk. But i see no “conversations” on twitter.just people with short messages AMD links to elsewhere.

    • Mark,

      Look for people asking questions. That’s an excellent opportunity to start a conversation. Yes, there are a lot of “broadcasters” on Twitter. These are likely experts and influencers. They are good to engage in other ways to build a relationship.

      What we are referring to is finding opportunities to help people that fall within your target audience.

      Here’s one tool that is helpful in doing that.