IBM 205 | The Scientific Secret to Never-ending Motivation

IBM-205-2-200The old assumptions about motivation have been disproved by science. Not only does the old model fail to motivate us, it leads to lower performance and results.

Most of us have learned the old carrot-and-stick model in school and as employees. It carries into our business pursuits. We use this same approach to try and motivate ourselves into action. It backfires, leaving our motivation fuel tanks running on empty.

And then we find ourselves stuck in one place or even worse trapped in a place that we never intended to end up.

In this episode, we look at how to refresh our understanding of motivation and apply the latest research to our day-to-day activities in order to maintain a continually refreshed reserve of motivation. We’ll also give you five specific ways to leverage intrinsic motivation that drives you to higher levels of success.

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In This Episode

  • 5 Ways to Tap Into Intrinsic Motivation for Maximum Results
  • The 3 Magic Motivators that Drive Us to Success
  • The Common Trap that Violates Our Need for Autonomy
  • Why the Commonly Accepted Wisdom about Motivation Actually Leads to Lower Performance

Items of Interest

5 Ways to Tap Into Intrinsic Motivation for Maximum Results

  1. Remove the word “should” from your objectives
  2. Identify your purpose-based activities
  3. Create value
  4. Keep a fulfillment file
  5. Make time for discovery and creativity



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Action Guide

  1. Assess your level of intrinsic motivation. Make a log of your activities and measure how much of your time is spent doing intrinsically motivated things.
  2. Choose one of our five strategies for tapping into intrinsic motivation
  3. Put it into action in the next 48 hours. Act fast!

What do you think?

How you keep your motivation batteries charged and ready for action? Share your tips in the comments below.