IBM 204 | Four-Figure Monthly Income with No Product; A Success Story with Ryan Oakley

ryan200Ryan Oakley just hit a record five-figure income in one month. He doesn’t have a product. He’s only published around 20 posts to his blog. He even took a one-year break from his business. But his business just keeps growing. In this episode, he talks about how he built his online income.

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In This Episode

  • One simple strategy for earning continuous income from your blog
  • How to earn a five-figure income without creating your own product
  • How to overcome doubts about being an expert in your niche

Items of Interest


204BreakthroughI wanted to come to say how much the new Freedom Business Blueprint courses has helped me!

My first attempt at finding a niche was a failure. I went for an idea I knew could make money, but I didn’t love it. Right now with my new site I feel so excited.

All day I think about new ways to give value to my audience all because now I understand my Single Motivating Purpose!

I was writing articles even before I bought the domain. I don’t even care to check my Google Analytics or anything of the like, all I want is to keep connecting with my audience, even if I never get paid for it.

Thanks a lot to Jeremy Frandsen and Jason Van Orden for the new course. it is amazing. One thing from the course I will never forget is this: it gave me permission to be myself.


David Rivera

Quick Tip


Attention and influence are priceless for an online business. And now you can get the scientific analysis of your personality’s advantage when it comes to fascinating your prospects and customers.

Sally Hogshead has done amazing research into how to create a fascinating brand. It turns out we all have our unique strengths when it comes to getting attention and influencing others.

She’s created a helpful five-minute quiz to help you find your unique fascination advantage.

Jeremy and I took the assessment. My top two triggers are Power and Trust. Jeremy’s are  Rebellion and Power. What are yours?

Take the How to Fascinate assessment here.

Grab the book here.

What do you think?

What was the biggest insight you got from Ryan’s interview? How will you put it into action this week?


  1. WOW!!!! What an inspiring story! I just finished listening to Ryan’s story and I’m so motivated to get my own little blog project to the next level.
    Thank you so much for sharing this success story, Jason and Jeremy. It shows that affiliate marketing is really working and that it’s just a matter of the right niche and solving other people’s problems/pains, along with some guidance from people like you.

  2. You know I’ve been following Pat Flynn for years and he has helped me greatly with his podcast tutorial when I was getting that set up and his eBooks the Smart Way as I have written too many books (more like training/how-to manuals) to count for my niche in the Christian Hip-Hop/music industry. And I never saw the point of this Affiliate Marketing of other people’s products.

    First, because half the products that are out there require me to read and promote them. And I don’t want to promote things I don’t use or even like.

    Second, while I was trying out the affiliate marketing with Amazon and a few other people, I could never figure out how to put it into my work flow to promote it so people know that I am selling it.

    So Pat Flynn kind of sparked the first try. Then John Dumas talks about in an interview, I believe on Pat Flynn’s podcast how he promoted his sponsors and affiliates in his podcast in a way that was natural and not salesy. That kind of sparked a new fire to think about trying it again. But after today’s podcast with Ryan, I think I am going to be intentional and strategic about it this time around.

    I am starting a second blog as Ryan is in another area that I am passionate about and know a lot about and that people come to me about and that’s a combination of fatherhood, husband hood, and leadership in the home. So I am actually starting a new business: blog, podcast, video channel, etc., on Jan first and this time will strategically lay out a plan and look for all the products or books that I’ve actually used and love and start getting some money to get the ball rolling on that site. I don’t want to use money from my other site to take to pay for this site. So I am highly motivated and took a ton of notes and will begin putting these things in action today, even though the blog doesn’t even launch until New Years day 2014!

    This was a REALLY good podcast!

    • Ricardo,

      I’m thrilled to hear that this interview connected the dots for you. I totally agree that you should only promote things that you have used yourself.

      As you can see, the best thing to do is focus on depth rather than shotgun breadth when choosing what to promote.

      That said, a bit of diversification is good.

      I love your determination and the specific goal you have shared. Thank you for sharing that with us. Please let us know when you have launched so we can take a look at your new project.

  3. Hey Jason, Jeremy and Ryan,
    thanks for sharing this information!
    We’ve all heard of finding the pain of your audience and solving it but seeing how to put all this into place is so inspiring!

    I love the approach of doing minimal maintenance efforts for getting passive income, good job Ryan! You just motivated me to keep on with my stuff to replicate your success :-)

    Best regards from Germany!

  4. The biggest insight I got from Ryan’s interview was the lesson of quality over quantity when it comes to content. In 2013 I have forced myself to put out a minimum of 2 posts a week and usually 3.

    After hearing Ryan’s story, I am planning to take a week or two off of my posting schedule to create video tutorials for my readers. Not just because I can sell affiliates, but it is something my readers really need instead of another “Top 10” post.

    • That’s a great takeaway, Jason. I agree that quality goes a long way. if you are really strategic about what you create and how you share it, your results will accelerate.

      I love your plan of action. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Jason — one thing about videos is they take more time to create. But people know that, and respond to it. Plus it really separates you from “the rest” – depending on your niche, of course.

      The other great thing about video, is you can get it on the 2nd biggest search platform – YOUTUBE! :)

      Good luck!

  5. Hi I wanted to thank you All for the interview with Ryan. I so appreciate the authenticity I heard, so refreshing and genuine. This is my first podcast from you guys and you have come along just at the right time. Having just folded my second start up I’m still in the exhausted and uninspired stage but hearing Ryan and you guys inputting too has really helped me to remember just how much I have learned and experienced over the many years I have been involved with the Internet. I am inspired to move on and focus on what thrills me and what I can give so thanks again.

  6. Great job Ryan. I think we’ll hear from you again next year:)

    Thanks for sharing this amazing story guys. Again, very inspiring!


    • Hi Robbin — I would love to come back on the show in a years time with another update. Who knows what 12 months will bring!

  7. The best peice of advice I got from Ryan’s interview was the the importance of quality over quantity when it comes to content. I’ve just started by blog but so far my posts are around 1000 words or more each. I hate it when a blog is just a spew of little snippets that don’t ever really say anything other than the fact that they are saying something

  8. Hey Jason and Jeremy,

    Great podcast! I really enjoyed hearing how openly Ryan shares about his journey, I loved the confession of getting a refund from a course early on! It’s always amazing and inspirational to hear a success story. Something Ryan mentioned that does seem to make a BIG difference when it comes to success is what level of pain or loss is associated with failing to apply and execute. It’s great that Ryan was so aware of that and used it as a driver in his business.

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