IBM 203 | Single Motivating Purpose – The Missing Ingredient for Choosing Your Niche

IBM-203-200In this episode, we talk about the a key behavior that prevents the three niche traps: the Demotivation Trap, the “Flash in the Pan” Trap, the Failure to Launch trap.

This key behavior is easily one of the most impactful things that we have discovered in our businesses and for our students’ businesses. This behavior is the Single Motivating Purpose (SMP). We first introduced the SMP in episode 185.

Now we give you six criteria that will lead you to your SMP and your ideal business niche.

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In This Episode

  • 6 criteria for finding your single motivating purpose and ideal business niche
  • Common mistakes that lead to chasing the money rather than long-lasting freedom
  • 4 examples of SMPs and business ideas for each

Items of Interest

The Six Criteria for a Single Motivating Purpose

  1. Valuable: It impacts and improves the life of others (beyond just those closes to you)
  2. Remarkable: It is the product of natural talents that you have at an ability that is higher than average.
  3. Universal: It shows up in virtually every aspect of your life.
  4. Energizing: When you do it you are fulfilled, it gives you energy rather than takes it.
  5. Intrinsic: It comes to you naturally. It feels like home. It is a natural state of being. It feels like the best and ideal way to do things.
  6. Increasing: Your ability to apply your SMP is continually growing. The ways in which you apply your SMP are continually expanding.

Formula for a Single Motivating Purpose

I get up in the morning to [DO THESE ACTIONS] in order to [PRODUCE THESE VALUABLE RESULTS FOR OTHERS].


carolinaToday I feel as if this online business thing was a reverse game of Tetris.

In the beginning the pieces were dropping too fast for me to even differentiate all the different colors, shapes and sizes. I felt like I couldn’t keep up and I scrambled around trying to hit at least one.

With time, the pieces have increasingly slowed down. I can now distinguish one piece from another.

And although I am not yet to the point where I can make them all fit, I feel like day by day I am getting better at finding the space for all of them, like they are slowly falling into the right place.

It’s been much longer than I had anticipated, and maybe it’ll be a long while still… but I can feel things falling into place already.

I’ve felt like this for a while, now, but the SMP exercise from the Academy 3.0 just brought it home for me today.

Carolina Ayerbe, Bogotá, Colombia

Quick Tip

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Action Guide

  1. Over the next two weeks, notice the things in your life that fit that six SMP criteria
  2. Makes notes of these things in a notebook
  3. Sign up for the Freedom Business Blueprint to get the complete checklist on how to define your SMP and find your ideal niche.

What do you think?

What other questions do you have about defining your Single Motivating Purpose?


  1. hey Jeremy

    What a lovely podcast!

    After 10 years in the affiliate marketing game/ health industry, I believe it’s important not to chase money… not even freedom… My business model works on the attraction formula… you reap what you saw.. chasing has nothing to do with it, isn’t it?


    I like the Single Motivating Purpose statement… I guess anyone who lacks motivation and needs to get things done, will have to use that in however way they’re feeling so… sticky notes come to mind!

    Freedom Business Blueprint sounds appealing, I’ll check it out soon…

    • Chasing money SEEMS to be what creates freedom and happiness for people, but it just takes getting the money and NOT getting the freedom and happiness to see that it’s not about the money. Most people never get that far, which is why we are screaming it from the roof tops! After all this time, we see it over and over again, if someone doesn’t have their SMP it makes business incredibly hard.

  2. Motivation is a key resource for success, progress and increasing happiness. I’m glad you mention that word.

    I love that science is figuring out what really motivates us. It’s time to chance how we operate in business, school, communities, etc. The current application of behavioral science is clearly broken!

  3. Great episode! Thank you. I’ve been working on my SMP, so I have it down kind of loosely. However, you provided somewhat of a template today by giving examples of your own and that has polished it off for me! I always find it easier to start with some sort of template, even though the finished product may look nothing like it did when I started it.
    Thanks again for the incredible info and the assistance I needed right now. (just in time learning!!)


    • Always glad to help Walt!

    • Walt,

      Glad to hear that gave you what you needed. I agree that having and example/template to work from is really helpful.

      We strive to provide that in everything we do. It just took us a bit to get around to it this time. We wanted to spend some time on it since it’s such an important principle.

  4. Hey, Guys! I kinda feel like a celebrity with you mentioning me in the podcast! I listened to it twice just to hear my name! Hee hee hee.

    I can’t wait for Academy 3.0, with the material you’ve already let us peek into in the Mastemind (of us students of the Academy) I can tell that it’s been completely improved and that I’ll enjoy it just as much (if not more) than Academy 2.0. So excited!

    I personally still have tons and tons of things to do and implement, but if it hadn’t been for the Academy, I’d still be out there trying to figure out where to start.

    In my Strenghts Finder excersice I got Harmony – Maximizer – Individualization – Leaner and Discipline.

    So as you can imagine, having processes, procedures, checklists and systems in place is the only way I can process information. I need to be systematic and methodic, so the Academy is just the right fit for me!

    Thank you so much for your amazing work, and for this new shift towards more of the mindset of having a freedom based business that will improve the lives of others.

    All the best to you,

    PS: My country is Colombia with an “o”. Not a “u”. ;-)

    • You are very welcome. Congrats on the Breakthrough!

      We are working very hard on Academy 3.0 and I’m so glad you enjoyed the bits we have finished!

      Also, thanks for sharing your Strengths! Mine are:

    • Carolina,

      It sounds like you are getting things really dialed in.

      Thanks for pointing out the typo. I fixed it.

  5. I just listened to this today. So I came up with my SMP in all aspects of life. And it is ….

    “I get up in the morning to help others see the value in themselves and equip them on how to use that value to serve others.”

    That’s what I got.

  6. Thanks for writing this and making it accessible to me, Jeremy. This was really good for me to see. I discovered you through Pat Flynn. The information that you are sharing is REALLY valuable to me.

    I have been working on a project that I’m just getting ready to share with the world next month. It passes this 6 point checklist!

    It’s good to get that boost of confidence that I really am on to something with a concrete SMP.

  7. Personally, I find that I need to write down how the money will change my life as part of my WHY. I’ve struggled for too long and to be able to afford certain things would really change my life for the better. Isn’t that OK?

    • Certainly. It’s not part of the SMP, but in the Academy we have a course that helps you design the money side of your future. Understanding the money and being able to know how it’ll change your life is very important to be clear on before you start your business journey!