IBM 201 | Answers to Your Questions about Getting Started


Sometimes it’s tough to take that next step…or even to just get started! In this episode we tackle five of the most common obstacles that hold us back.

From entrepreneurial ADD to crushing overwhelm, from lack of support to lack of results, we give you insights that will launch you forward and get you started.


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In This Episode

  • 5 Ways to Overcome Entrepreneurial ADD
  • How to Get Needed Support from Family and Friends
  • How to Get Results to Fuel Your Momentum
  • The Secret to Building a Business with Very Little Time
  • How to Bust through Overwhelm and Find Focus

Items of Interest



Ruthy Otero just launched her new podcast about how to create a one-person show.

Her first episode features her back story shared in a way to connect with her target audience. She used the story template we shared in episode 194.

Congrats to Ruthy for launching her show AND taking fast action using our template.


Quick Tip

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Action Guide

Choose one insight from this Q&A and put it into action in the next 24 hours.

Suggested actions include:

  • Write down the WHY behind your internet business
  • Find a mentor
  • Clear out your email inbox and blog reader. Focus with “Just in Time Learning”
  • Find a mentor
  • Express your needs and desires to the people you care about so they understand your business aspirations. Listen to their needs and fears as well.
  • Take time to empathize with your audience.

What do you think?

What other tips do you have for finally getting stated in your business or on the next big project?


  1. hi Jeremy

    You’ve created a good and sensible call guys, congrats!

    Please allow me to add my 2 cents…

    1. Know the rules of the game

    I used to think that (in my case) making money online with associate programs was easy and all you have to do is place some Adsense codes or banner ads, and wait for money roll-in.. the reality is the opposite.

    You wouldn’t enter the soccer field and expect to win the game just by sitting on the grass, is it?

    2. Don’t be afraid to take calculated risks

    In business and life, there’s only risk. Everywhere you look, you can see incertitude. If you know the game and its rules, you know how to better play the business and win more often than lose.

    3. Learn to embrace discomfort

    Over the past years I’ve built a small network of 300+ niche blogs and aged domain names (in the health and wellness industry)

    How did I do it?

    My first mentor played a major role. He taught me some valid and valuable lessons. However, no mentor can help unless you’re willing to take the risk and allow discomfort.

    I wasn’t really comfortable sitting on the sofa and watch TV. Instead I’ve spent sleepless nights, juggling with family and 2 toddlers that cried for food and attention… while running my business, and learning along the way.

    Hope it makes sense?
    If you need to learn more about my affiliate success, you may want to check out the free subscribers-only PDF report I offer…

    • Wow, #3 is biggie and an absolute must. Most people don’t realize that.

    • John,

      Those are excellent additions. Realizing that there is always risk is so huge. We often delude ourselves about what is and isn’t a risk. The biggest risk of all is living a life that is unfulfilled and regretting the other risks you did not take.

  2. Thanks for this episode.
    I really needed this at this moment.
    I would not be where I am without the knowledge that you guys have shared.

  3. Killer content, as usual. Thanks for this timely post. I suffer from entrepreneurial ADD all the time. So many ideas, so little time, but this episode has reminded me once again my “why” and given me specific and actionable tools to use immediately. You guys rock!

  4. Love this episode! I have been diagnosed with A.D.D. and these are some good tips!

    My “A.D.D./Life coach” posted a few podcasts. I’m sure she would be glad to share a few tips with you Jason & Jeremy. She is at – might be an interesting combination!