IBM 198 | 5 Critical Mistakes that Scare Customers Away


During more than a decade creating courses, we’ve made a lot of mistakes that have costs us customers. We see these mistakes made ALL OF THE TIME.

The good news is that they are easy to overcome. In this episode we give you a checklist of 5 (actually it ends up being 7) mistakes to avoid that will keep your customers happy and help you stand out from the competition.

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In This Episode

  • 5-7 Critical Mistakes that Scare Customers Away
  • Is Genesis, Headway or Thesis the best framework to use for WordPress?
  • How to makes courses that easily stand out from your competition


13171_4475836769284_2087213772_nJeremy & Jason,

I am happy to report that as of 4:00 PM today I have reached the X on the Micro-Site Profits Treasure map and made my first $500 online!!!!  It took a few months; however, I know the next $500 will not take me as long…..

Thanks for your help!


Ed LoDebole

Micro Site Profits Student

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Action Guide

  1. Use the following list as a checklist when you plan or review your product.

    1. Forgetting that You Know What You Know

    2. Not teaching the mindset needed for success in your niche

    3. Skipping Steps in the Process

    4. Delivering too Much Value

    5. Teaching Things too Early

    6. Not Actively Filtering for Them

    7. Giving too many options rather than a specific answer to a question

  2. Find which mistakes you are making.

  3. Modify your course to avoid these costly mistakes.

What do you think?

What other mistakes or problems have you seen in online courses that make it hard to complete the course?


  1. Here’s my list of problems I’ve seen in online courses:
    1. Too little information. I’ve really not found that most sellers of courses provide too much information. Instead, I’ve found many courses really lacking in solid information. Any pieces of good information are given away in the launch videos or free line content, and most of the course itself is just filler. Once you buy the course, you realize that you could have gotten the same result by just watching the free videos.
    2. Crappy audio and video. It’s one thing to put up questionable media for a video blog post. It’s another to charge $1,000 and up for something that’s boring to watch and hard to hear. I know that content is king. But if you’re going to spend hours watching videos and listening to audios, they need to be decent enough not to get in the way of learning.
    3. Lack of tools and resources. It’s not hard to provide handouts of powerpoint/keynote slides or checklists, yet so many of these courses don’t. They just put up a few videos and call it a day.
    Anyway, these are my observations. Thanks again for another really great podcast episode!

  2. Anna,

    That’s a great list. You’re right. Those are areas that people skimp in. Thank you for the reminder as we put together Academy 3.0.