IBM 194 | How to Tell a Story that Attracts Loyal Customers


You have in your possession a powerful marketing asset. It’s so powerful, that when used correctly your ideal customer will be compelled to visit your site, join your list and buy your products.

It’s not something you have to learn or even buy. This asset is ready and waiting to be used

In this episode we’ll show you exactly what it is and how to use it attract loyal customers and change people’s lives.

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In This Episode

  • The powerful marketing tool your competitors can’t copy
  • How to connect with customers without learning master copywriting
  • 5 Steps to Crafting a Story that Attracts Loyal Customers
  • An exact template for writing an about page that converts

Items of Interest


SaraI hate the hard sell, but I followed your advice for my authority site, and finally got my first paid item up – a customer satisfaction questionnaire for an online business.   And long story short at 11pm my first questionnaire template sold!

I haven’t even emailed my list or written a sales letter yet.   I want to dance but my 7 month old is asleep.  I am now starting to feel hopeful that I won’t have to go back to office work after my maternity leave.

Love your micro niche course too.


Sara Dobson

Quick Tip

Something that we have known about for years, but admittedly have not done a good job at using, is the Google Anlytics URl Builder for tracking campaigns.

In short, this allows you to track which traffic sources bring you the most list opt-ins and ultimately sales.

It’s free and relatively easy to use. It’s a matter of making it a habit. Lately we’ve been updating our tracking. As a part of this effort, we’ve renewed our commitment to always use tracking URLs.

Today’s quick tip is about encouraging you to do the same. You’ll only benefit from the tracking if you have metrics like Google Analytics set up on your site. So do that first if you haven’t already.

Then here’s your action plan for using tracking URLs.

  1. Read the article on Using Google Analytics URL Builder for Campaign Tracking.
  2. Commit to creating tracking URLs anytime you send traffic back to your site from ads, email campaigns, social media, etc.
  3. Use the Google URL Builder to generate “tagged” tracking URLs for any links that point back to your site.

Action Guide

1. Embrace the power of your story

  • Recognize that you have a story to tell
  • Believe that it has the power to change lives (and make you money)
  • Commit to telling that story (people are waiting to hear it)

2. Use the following questions to identify your ideal audience

  • Who do you want to help most?
  • Who do you do your best work with?
  • Who can benefit most from your knowledge and past experiences?
  • What is a past, present or future version of yourself that you can provide value to?

3. Connect with your target audience

  • Use the episode about empathy and videos on How to Be a Customer Magnet (Part 1 and Part 2) to guide you through this process
  • Use this information to connect with your story with what is going on in the mind of your target Avatar

4. Craft your story using this downloadable guide (PDF)

5. Write a new about page for your site that uses the story you created

What do you think?

What tips have helped you share your story to attract customers? Do you have an about page or content piece that tells your story? Share in the comments below.


  1. I found it hilarious when you said “what is the depth of happiness.” I always find myself looking at things from a psychological stand point or looking at business principles when I’m blogging. I find it more interesting but I still have to find a way to deliver what people want to hear(the best SEO Plugin)lol. I guess its all about finding that balance.

  2. Ahh yes, it’s the balance. Talk to much about happiness and you become a personal development site, talk to much about the best SEO plugin and you become every other site talking about blogging. :)

  3. Jeremy/Jason,

    This episode is another perfectly timed episode. I’m currently rebuilding a blog I’ve had for years that never focused because it didn’t do the steps you lay out. Now, I’ve got a template to use to engage my target audience (after I accurately identify them) and allow me to help the people I meant to help when I first started. The clarity will help both me and my audience.

    Thanks so much,


  4. Jeremy and Jason:

    Here’s my about page. Would love your thoughts. Great episode. Love your focus on the things that matter most.


    • Hi Mark,

      You have a great start. One thing that would make your page stronger is to talk about what you want for your reader in the first paragraph or two. They want to know what is in it for them right away.

  5. Hi Jeremy and Jason,

    Episode 194 has really been my first introduction to IBM. I had a few of your podcasts downloaded on my iphone a couple months ago but just started with your most recent.

    This was “Just in Time Learning” for me. I am in the process of launching my site teaching people how to buy items at garage sales and resell their finds.

    I’m at the point where I really want to help families who are struggling financially, but I want to do it through a membership site, so I can take the time to make sure my customers are succeeding.

    I am getting ready to watch the How to become a customer magnet parts 1 & 2 as well as the episode on Empathy.
    This was the week where I am putting videos on my site to introduce myself, my products and their solutions!

    Thanks for creating such great content and for getting inside my brain and my circumstances. (You guys are good!)

    I can’t wait to create my story and start attracting people to me that I can help!


  6. Great episode.
    If you shorten the tracking URL with Google URL shortner or Bitly does it screw up the tracking properties? I want to shorten the URL for Twitter.

  7. Shaun,

    The tracking will still work even if you shorten the URL.

  8. Hi guys,

    Thank you so much for this episode and the guide. I’ve just used it to rewrite my about page and wanted to share it and, if you’re so inclined, hear what you think of it.