IBM 193 | $1000+ a month from Amazon Kindle, an Interview with Michael Rank


Not a week goes by without us hearing about someone else making a steady income from selling books for Kindle. So when Michael Rank, a Lifetime Academy member, started posting regular updates to the Private Facebook Mastermind about his own success, we knew we had to have him on the show.

This was an exciting interview for us, not only for the insights we knew you’d get from it, but also for ourselves. You see, we recently decided it’s time to publish our own book. Kindle is the perfect channel for it.

Needless to say, we were ready to talk notes feverishly. Michael delivered the goods. In this interview he shows how easy it is to put your ideas into a book and turn it into cash on Amazon.

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In This Episode

  • The simple tip that will land you a top rank in Amazon
  • The common software that instantly creates a Kindle-ready book
  • The secret to selling copies of your book on a daily basis

Items of Interest


Hello Jason & Jeremy,

I just wanted to let you know that my website made it to the 1st page of Google after I had added some videos to site through You Tube several months back.

I have not reached #1 spot yet for keyword classic cars but I am excited that I have 4 classic car photos on the 1st page. Hopefully now that Google has recognized my site I can start making some consistent income.

I have been working on link building and hopefully I will get up to the #1 spot soon.

Thanks for all you do.

Gary Greer, Academy Member

Quick Tip

Asana for iOS

Asana for Android

We recently started using Asana to manage project and tasks for our team. The simple, free tool will boosts any teams productivity. In this quick tip, Jason explains how he has taken this to the next level using the mobile apps.

Here’s a screenshot of Jason’s mobile phone when he wakes up in the morning:


Action Guide

  1. Download and read the first part of The Kindle Publishing Bible about how to write
  2. Choose a topic (keep it simple) for your first Kindle book
  3. Outline the table of contents to use as an outline
  4. Set a goal to write DAILY to finish your book. Set a deadline to have it finished. Calculate how many words a day you need to write to get it done.
  5. Decide if you are going to edit yourself with the help of friends and colleagues or hire an editor.
  6. Get the book edited.
  7. Read the section of the Kindle Publishing Bible about formatting your book
  8. Format your book to make it ready for Kindle publishing.
  9. Convert the book to .mobi format (the Kindle Publishing Bible tells you how to do this)
  10. Read the section of the Kindle Publishing Bible on publishing your book
  11. Read the section of the Kindle Publishing Bible on promoting your book
  12. Make your promotion plan
  13. Publish your book to Amazon
  14. Promote your Amazon book using the plan that you drew up. The Kindle Publishing Bible gives you lots of ideas for getting top ranking.

What do you think?

What ideas do you have for using kindle to make more money and attract more traffic?


  1. Great episode guys. Lots of inspiration plus actionable information here.

  2. Excellent interview J&J!

    It never ceases to amaze me how such a niche book can find a market…especially on History’s Most Insane Rulers and the Ottoman Empire. If it was an blog or an information product, I’d question the market feasibility but Amazon’s platform demonstrates a need in many markets.

    I’m a big fan of Kindle publishing although I am surprised how the $2.99 is the expected ecosystem price yet that price point drives a lot of sales. In my own testing, I’ve found $2.99 and $3.99 to be optimal price points as $4.99 starts a decline in sales.

    I’m also a big fan of Scrivener to write and format your Kindle book as well as mind mapping software (Mindjet or MindGenius) to develop you outlines. Mindjet actually supports an OPML format that can be imported into Scrivener.

    Ofcourse I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the Better Book Description Tool ( – a WYSIWYG editor that creates formatted Amazon HTML descriptions (including images, fonts and standard formatting) for Author Central and KDP.

    If you think it might make a good podcast, I’d be happy to share my experience developing the software based on recognizing a need and the creation, beta testing and launch process!

    Keep more Kindle podcasts coming!


  3. This podcast came at the right time. My kindle book was just published today. Picked up the Kindle Publishing bible and am now working on my promotion plan.
    Thanks again for another great informative podcast Jason & Jeremy.

  4. Great actionable promotion advice, Michael! I also really appreciated the reminder where and how to outsource the different aspects. I’m too naturally likely to think I can do it all myself initially until I realize it’s not necessary and possibly fatal to the project. Fiverr is one I always forget about. I’ve got to break the thinking of automatically paying way more on elance or 99designs when I don’t have to.

    • Me too Jeff, I always forget fiverr… I seem to figure if it only costs 5 bucks then how can it be as good as 400 bucks, but sometimes it does’t NEED to be a 400 dollar design.

  5. As always, great podcast! I recently published a Kindle book helping new vegans learn vegan cooking. Kindle has been a phenomenal platform for reaching more people!

  6. Great podcast

    I listened and got some great stuff and actionable ideas out of this.

    Let me point out that writing a book is not as simple as it seems, I would definitely recommend reading Guy Kawasaki`s book on self-publishing, APE, which gives his journey on writing the book, time involved, etc.

    He breaks it down realistically, for example, he spent $4,500 to publish the ebook and over 1-year compiling and writing it. Given the investment he put it, if you sold an ebook on Kindle at $2.99, you would need to sell at least 1500 copies to break even (this doesn`t include the time involved). Let me mention that most of us do not have the crowd factor pull of Guy Kawasaki, no matter how ingenious your marketing is.

    Writing is definitely not a “Get Rich” quick scheme and should be pursued if you honestly have something great to say or want to build market expertise for your particular niche. If you want to make money passively they are probably wiser ways to do it like investing in stocks, mutual funds, real estate ventures, etc…

    • Howard,

      Thanks for the input. I’m going to read APE. Looks like an excellent resource.

      I agree that you have to be clear about why you want to write a book and have reasonable expectations about what it will accomplish.

  7. This video is excellent! I am in the process of writing my first Kindle eBook and am definitely going to make sure I follow all the details. I, too, am repurposing content. I created a course that just isn’t selling well and I was creating a report about the content. Twenty-three pages later I realized that “report” was going to be an eBook. Thank you for sharing!

  8. Can someone link a person or company that creates e-books?