IBM 192 | The Most Important Word in Marketing


You can simplify marketing down to one single word. By focusing on this word, not only does it make marketing much easier, it also makes your marketing more powerful.

This single word will bring you:

  • Continual inspiration for magnetic content
  • Exponentially higher sales
  • Immense fulfillment
  • Profound impact in your followers’ lives

Listen to this episode to find out what is the most important word in marketing.

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In This Episode

  • 5 steps to put the most important word in marketing to work for you
  • How to identify exactly what will motivate your list to buy
  • How to choose the target market that will make you the most money

Items of Interest

  • Human Needs Inventory – use this to identify the triggers that will get your list to buy – PLUS watch this video explanation of the needs wheel:
  • Non-Violent Communication – this revolutionary book was written to facilitate healthy communication in important relationships, but it’s also a crash course in how to understand exactly what will get your market to buy
  • Intro to NVC – This PDF provides a brief summary behind the philosophy of non-violent communication
  • How to Be a Customer Magnet Part 1 and Part 2


SUBJECT: Thanks for my newfound freedom!


Jason & Jeremy:


This is not your usual “freedom” story, but I owe you both a debt of gratitude.  I started listening to IBM about a year ago.

 Unfortunately, the job I’ve been working at for the past three years was extremely limiting.

 A year after discovering IBM, I applied for a job at an innovative marketing company as a consultant and hit the interviews out of the park!

 I was offered my choice between two different jobs and today I handed in my resignation at my current gig to pursue this new opportunity.

 I couldn’t have done it without the wealth of free knowledge that you two have provided!

 I’m earning 50% more money doing something I’ll love, I’ll have increased autonomy, and will finally be able to spend weekends and holidays with my family.

 Not to mention, I’ll finally be able to afford a membership to the Academy!

 Thanks again, gents – I owe you a beer next time you’re in Boston.


-Daniel Hulsman

Quick Tip

For mobile-friendly email newsletter templates that will get you more opens and clicks, try the following resources.

Zurb Mobile-Friendly Email Template (FREE)

Theme Forest Mobile Newsletter Themes

Action Guide

  1. Choose an avatar
  2. Set up interviews or write a survey asking the empathy questions
  3. Look at your front-end content and make sure that it speaks to the feelings, needs,  pains, desired results and roadblocks of your avatar

What do you think?

What do you do that helps you understand what your target audience is experiencing?


  1. Would you suggest an audio blog over a video blog? I really love doing video since I can distribute it more. Most of my interviews I can create an audio only version, but a lot of my tutorials must be video. Do you think video is being consumed less and less popular than audio only?

    • I’d say it depends on your audience. If your audience is used to consuming your content in the form of videos, then that would be the first way to distribute it. The great thing about doing the videos is that it would then be easy to do an audio version as well! My top goal would be that there is an audio and video version of every written blog post, that way all the bases are covered with every possible way a person my want to consume our content!

  2. I have a question more than a comment. I have a site with static content and also a blog referring as a part of it. Should i have my blog as the home page on my site or should I just have the main page as my sites home page and just have a link to my Blog. Does it make a difference?


    • Robert,

      That really depends. There are advantages to both. Having fresh content on the home page can help with search ranking.

      That said, the right messaging and calm to action as the focus on your home page can boost lead conversion.

      You can do both. The key is to test.

  3. It’s great how you keep me down to the most important aspects of internet business.
    Having you teaching me how to get connected with our audience helps a lot not to loose focusl Instead of dreaming of my first million I know, that I have to a single sale first ;-)

    Keep it on!

  4. Hi guys.

    Just caught up on this episode this afternoon, and LOVED it. For two reasons:

    1) Because I actually GUESSED what the word was going to be. As you guys were teasing us with allusions to what this magical concept was going to be, I was just thinking “Yep, that’s gotta be it!”, and then I must have looked quite silly when you announced what it was, as I stood on the train platform, headphones in my ears, punching the ear with a big stupid grin on my face. It made me feel like I’d really learned a bunch of stuff.

    2) Because the concept of empathy is also fundamental to my niche of User Experience Design. To design a user interface or a flow through a mobile app, you really need to have the same level of understanding and empathy to craft that experience for your users. This episode made me feel great about the fact that there is so much overlap between UX Design and entrepreneurship. You may be interested in a post I published last year on how to be more empathic. You guys mentioned some good tips for remote empathy-building; here are some for when you’re able to meet your users/customers/followers/audience in person:

    Finally, I thought I’d point you to the Empathy Map activity, in a book called Gamestorming. The activity is online here, and is a fantastic, fun group activity for putting yourself into someone else’s shoes. If you have a business partner or a mastermind, this would be a good exercise to step through:

    Thanks again for all you do.

  5. Ooer, that was meant to be “punching the air”. I did not punch anyone’s ear. Promise.