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You have questions. In this episode we have answers.

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 In This Episode

  • 3 tests that will slingshot your income

  • The newsletter sign up bonus that attracts subscribers like a magnet

  • The hassle free solution for hosting your digital products

  • How to choose the most important tasks to focus on next

  • How many spam complaints will get your e-mail banned?

Items of Interest

  • E-Junkie – service for hosting and selling your digital products
  • Amazon S3 – dependable media hosting for your media and products


Just wanted to share a small success story (big to me though). I’ve been with IBM since April of last year. I’ve changed my niche 1 time, then in June 2012 finally landed on Today, I completed a revamping of my 1st product attempt and started pushing a discounted sale to my list of about 390. Within the first few hours I’ve sold 2 courses. I know its not much, but I can’t tell you how good it makes me feel to have created something from nothing and to begin reaping the benefits. Yay Internet Business Mastery!


David Maxey

Home Music Studio 1 | Create Professional Recordings On A Limited Budget

Quick Tip


Free online project management software. We’ve just started using this with our team.


  1. Thanks for answering my question!!!
    I always hate reading e-books as well.
    I prefer Audio any day.
    Quick extra question.
    If I am creating an incentive for my newsletter, is it okay to just take my most popular blog post and expand on it?
    I feel like that would be cheating some how or could annoy people who read the post earlier.

  2. Hey, Guys!

    Carolina, here! Thanks so much for answering my question on the air! I felt like I was being mentioned in a celebrity show and you were reading my fan letter!

    Awesome answer, you know, when you’re a newbie like me, you tend to freak out over the smallest things, just because you don’t know.

    Good thing I can rely on you Guys and the community in Facebook!


    • You are very welcome! Thank you for taking the time to write the question! We are going to do the Q&A every quarter, so feel free to ask again. We’ll post the request on the facebook page, as always!

  3. Jeremy/Jason,

    Another great podcast! I especially liked your treatment of unsubscribe message review-LOL! I almost wrecked my car laughing when you said that “Jeremy is a stupidhead” wasn’t actionable feedback-hehehehehehe!

    Sorry, I thought I was the only one who found stuff like that humorous! LOL!

    Thanks for the education and entertainment.


    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I have to either amuse myself with negative comments or be pissed all the time… Luckily, I can amuse myself quite easily and I’ve given quite a few chances to do so in life!

      • You’ve definitely chosen the better path. Life IS too short to be pissed all the time-LOL!

        Keep up the good work! I’ll be listening. I’m also hoping to join the Academy so I can report on it back to my small but (re) growing platform.


  4. Thanks guys, that was good stuff. I had an idea to add to the media question that I think Jason had.

    Offer the reader the option to chose either ebook, video, or audio using a tick box. If that can’t be done on your optin page maybe on your thank you page it can.

  5. I have recently begun something new in listening to podcasts that is working out great for me.

    Rather than listen on my mp3 player as I used to do
    ( I have never used my I-Phone to listen to podcasts )
    I now use a digital recorder ( Sony UX523 )
    because I can listen at a faster speed than it was recorded at.

    This is a feature of the digital recorder.

    I suspect there may be an app avail. for the I-Phone and Android that will enable one to do this on their phone too.

    I typically listen between 30% – 50% accelerated speed,
    depending on the speaking style/rate of the podcaster,and my own mood and state of mind, with 40% being the most common after some initial practice.

    This surprisingly was very easy to get used to, and I find that I can hear, understand and retain with no substantial loss of effectiveness.

    Essentially, by this method I am able to listen to an hour podcast in avg. of 30 – 36 minutes. A great time saver.