IBM 187 | From Bartender to 2 Million in Startup Funding with Maren Kate of


Maren Kate first heard Internet Business Mastery on a trip to Italy. It gave her a vision of the kind of business she needed to start — one that would give her the lifestyle she wanted.

Today she is the CEO of her own investor-funded startup. Recently she was given two million in funding from Zappo’s CEO, Tony Hsieh.

Her first appearance on our show is still one of the most popular interviews we’ve had to date. In this episode, we dive into the lessons she has learned from growing her own 25+ employee company from the ground up.

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In This Episode

  • Maren’s top 3 tips for hiring a dedicated team
  • How to instantly become an expert in your industry
  • The most important thing to do before asking for funding
  • The “nothing to lose” approach to conquering your fears

Items of Interest

Action Guide

  1. Choose one insight from this interview that you can put into action this week.

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  1. Great podcast. One thing that Maren said that really impacted me was that after reading a bunch of books, you start to recognize the patterns of success throughout all the concepts and authors. Never thought of it that way but it is very true. It’s only after you spend so much time researching a subject that the patterns become easier to recognize. Thanks

    • Alan,

      I really liked that as well. Sometimes I put pressure on myself to remember every little detail of books I read. Her take on it has helped me release some of that pressure.