IBM 186 | How to Know if You Are Living Your Purpose


purposeBy creating a business that is in line with your Single Motivating Purpose, you’ll enjoy more fulfillment and boost your profits. But how do you know if you are living your purpose? How do you know if you have built a business that is in line with what is most important to you?

As entrepreneurs, we can get so busy managing our business that we lose site of the “why” that originally motivated us. In this episode we present a way of checking in with yourself, to see if you are still on the right path.

Use the nine questions we offer, to find out if you are indeed living your purpose.

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In This Episode

  • How to get rid of competitive, jealous feelings once and for all
  • Why value creation is required in order to fulfill your purpose
  • Why one company was willing to let go of 25% of the revenue to follow their purpose
  • Why procrastination may or may not be related to your purpose

Items of Interest


Today is my last day at my day job.
It hasn’t happened the way I thought it would, but it’s happening! The income isn’t coming from the internet business I built, though some small revenue is coming from that. Instead using the principles that I learned from the Academy I have branched into being a consultant for some very select groups.

Next week I start a podcast to help reach more of that group, and I’m so pumped about taking action in another area as well.

Just want to say a public thanks to Jeremy and Jason. Your course has helped me make a lifelong dream come true.

Shawn McAfee

Quick Tip

Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh

While this book is a couple years old, it’s been the perfect book to read in a time when we are re-calibrating our Single Motivating Purpose. Zappos is an example of a modern-day company that is living its purpose. Delivering Happiness gives you the inside look at how they do it.

Action Guide

  1. Download Are You Living Your Purpose (PDF)
  2. Spend 30-45 minutes answering the questions included in the guide
  3. Listen to the episode “The Importance of a Purpose-Driven Business”

What do you think?

Is there a time when you were not in line with your purpose? How did you know? How did you bring your business back in line with your purpose?


  1. Such a great follow up to the previous podcast guys. I too haven’t read Zappo’s story but will now. Thanks for the insights.

    Dan Mac

  2. Thanks guys, awesome episode, I really got a lot out of it. I’m still struggling with this purpose/why/motivating factor stuff. Jason’s comments about working at the engineering company resonated with me. I’ve been there many times. I get around people and can’t for the life of me figure out how they could LIKE the job they’re in.

    The thing I’m most struggling with now is that, I definitely like the business format I’m in of “being the expert”, however, I’m not at all passionate about internet marketing itself, as much as I have tried to be. And, I love the process of the expert role (putting out podcasts & blogs, appearing on radio shows, interacting on social media), but my particular expert business ( of teaching people how to swim better online I am not passionate about. The challenge is, you can’t exactly “outsource internet marketing”, as you have to do a lot of it yourself no matter what business you’re in.

    Anyway, I just bought the Zappos book and going to listen to Start With Why and hopefully switch from watching fun netflix and youtube videos to learning about stuff I’m passionate about that also can be monetized.

    • Lot’s of stuff here!

      1. What is your single motivating purpose?

      2. Putting out podcasts & blogs, appearing on radio shows, and interacting on social media IS marketing. That is all we did for YEARS and is still at the core of our marketing now. I think your interest in that part of the business will become more as you have a business that is based on a passion, cause you’ll want to get it out to EVERYONE that can use the value you create!

      3. The passion thing is the issue. I never and still don’t care about marketing itself, only in using it as a tool to get out my message and exchange value with people.

  3. Great podcast guys. This episode really ‘spoke’ to me. Had me shouting “YES” to most questions. I recently found myself stuck in a rut, after changing niche’s. This was just the motivation I needed to keep moving forward.

    • I’m so glad! What made you decide to change niche’s?

      • Hi Jeremy, it was more that I stumbled across the niche (or pain) whilst I was creating my first iOS app.

        That ‘pain’ lead me to undertake some analysis on the viability of the niche.

        Using what you and Jason teach in Module two of the ‘old’ Academy course (not sure what module it is in the new course) I feel there is a opportunity in the market.

        Slightly off topic, I loved the latest Maren Kate installment – truly motivating, just shows what can happen if you keep taking action!

  4. Andrea says:

    Hi Jeremy and Jason,
    I have just listened to this episode, went looking for it because you mention it in a more recent one … anyway, it resonated so much with me that I was compelled to say thank you. Could go on all day, but basically, my husband and I have embarked on a mission to replace his income – he’s in a cubicle. I started this online training course and today got stumped straight up fiddling around with keywords to find a niche. Felt totally empty and disillusioned so went for a run and listened to this … BOOM! Were you reading my mind? Clearly not, but I think you even mentioned “some online training courses” delivering exactly the empty structure I was experiencing. Then after listening to this episode I have my mojo again. I texted my husband and told him his SMP, according to me – he replied, “Wow, I never thought of it like that, you’re right”. That’s what we need, not numbers. You corrected our path when it faltered very early on in the piece so thank you and thank goodness!Really, thank you.

    • I’m so glad to hear it! Having a purpose is a human experience and resonates with everyone. Sadly, some have had their intrinsic motivation destroyed and it will take quite a bit of time and desire to find it again. Sounds like you guys were ready and willing, you just had to hear about it again! Congrats and good luck!

    • Andrea,

      Thank you for taking the time to post your experience. That’s amazing.

      I love that you were able to tell your husband what you see his SMP as. That kind of feedback from people that know us well is a key step in defining the SMP. You are very fortunate to be able to go on the journey together.

      Please keep us in the loop on your progress.

  5. In your pdf download, seems like it’s missing #9.
    Thanks, found your site useful!