IBM 185 | The Importance of a Purpose-Driven Business


Focus. Clarity. Motivation. Fulfillment. These are the predominant rewards of a business with purpose.

Without a purpose — one that goes beyond just making money — your are vulnerable to the uncertainty of forging your own path to fulfillment..

In this episode we talk about why it is so important to find your Single Motivating Purpose (we all have one) and use it to drive your business.

We share our own Single Motivating Purpose and prose a way to get paid to live your purpose.


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In This Episode

  • The one thing that the most fulfilled and successful entrepreneurs all share in common
  • 3 steps to getting paid to live your purpose
  • Why Napoleon Hill, of Think and Grow Rich, was wrong about purpose
  • The formula for defining your own purpose
  • The three things that science proves motivate us most


Items of Interest

  • Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill – This is a classic book read by numerous successful entrepreneurs. It’s definitely worth reading. We just disagree with how he defines and uses purpose.
  • Drive by Dan Pink – This books contains a fascinating analysis of the science behind what motivates us in life. It then shows that for decades we have had it all wrong.

Jason’s Single Motivating Purpose

I share knowledge and resources to help people live lives of increasing freedom, fulfillment and purpose.

Jeremy’s Single Motivating Purpose

I inspire purpose-driven action that leads to freedom, fulfillment, and happiness


Quick Tip

Here are three books that have helped us significantly in defining our purpose. All three are well worth your time.

Start With Why shares stories and examples illustrating the importance of defining your purpose.

Strengthsfinder 2.0 is a short book that comes with an assessment. After a 20-minute questionnaire, you are given a list of your top five strengths, along with a customized PDF containing info about how to thrive with your strengths. Your strengths point to and support your purpose.

Unique Ability contains an amazing step-by-step process for defining your purpose, then bringing your business more into line with it.

We recommend going through them in that order.


Action Guide

1. Buy and ready the books from the Quick Tip.
2. Use the frameworks outlined in the book to gather insights about your own purpose.
3. Start taking note of the times when you feel the most fulfilled.
4. Listen to the episode “How to Know if You Are Living Your Purpose”


What do you think?

What is your Single Motivating Purpose (or your best idea of what it is so far)? When are the times in your life when you most feel a sense of meaning?



  1. Hi Jeremy & Jason

    Long time listener, first time commenter (even I’m cringing at that poor joke ;-), but chuckling too cos I have a weird sense of humour).

    I just wanted to tell you that this episode of IBM changed my life, and I have referred almost everyone I know to come over and listen to it.

    My friend Sonia & I (fellow aspiring internet entrepreneurs) regularly refer to our SMP in conversation now, and how it relates to our lives and businesses.

    I just wanted to thank you both for the IBM podcast in general, but particularly for this episode and those that followed it up (186 and 203).

    This episode and the concept of the SMP is pure gold, and I think everyone, regardless of their interest (or lack of) in internet business should listen to it. It should almost be compulsory listening in every school I think :-).

    I actually just popped over to get the link to put in a blog post I’m just writing, but when I saw there were only 30 comments, I just had to add mine because I believe this episode deserved way more than 30 comments AND I realised I’d never thanked you for this podcast episode that literally changed my life – and has affected so many others in the process.

    I recommend it to every person I coach (or speak to at a party, or get chatting to on a train …. ;-)

    Thanks again guys

    I love all your content and appreciate everything you do.

    Keep Smiling


    • Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I’m extremely excited to hear about the SMP being a part of your world! I also greatly appreciate your helping us spread this message, hopefully together we will spread this idea and help their be more fulfillment and happy in the world!

    • Thanks for spreading the word, Louise!

      And for the record, I got a chuckle out of your opening pun. :)