IBM 184 | Success Story Interview with Donnie Schexnayder of


In under two years, Donnie has built a successful business about teaching guitar, overcome prostate cancer and started a project helping men with the same diagnosis.

When Donnie joined the Internet Business Mastery Academy, he had no idea he would become a voice for men with prostate cancer. Join us for this inspiring story about overcoming adversity, making money online and making a difference.

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 In This Episode

  • How Donnie made $4500 on a course before it was even created
  • How Donnie found a hole in the competitive guitar market
  • The critical mindset that got Donnie through a life-altering challenge
  • How Donnie is using his new marketing skills to change cancer treatment


Items of Interest


What do you think?

Have you had to overcome a life-changing obstacle like cancer? How did you face it? What is a cause that you would love to champion in your lifetime using your marketing skills?





  1. great story, great interview, guys!
    when it comes to prostate cancer i always have to think of one the greatest guitar players ever – frank zappa. who wasn’t treated (or diagnosed) accurately…

  2. Sigmundo,

    I did not know that about Frank Zappa. Interesting. Glad you enjoyed the interview. I was inspired as well!