IBM 183 | 5 Ninja Hacks for Converting More Clicks to Cash


One of the best ways to consistently boost your income is to focus on converting more site traffic into buyers. In this episode, we present five insider tips to boost your sales funnel conversions so that you make more money.

There are several steps involved in the process of turning a visitor into a buyer. At each point along the way, your visitor either chooses to take your next desired action or to go elsewhere.

By increasing the number of people that proceed from one step to the next until they buy, you create a trickle down effect that leads to more income for you.

By the end of this episode, you will have at least one proven idea that you can use right away to strengthen your sales funnel.

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In This Episode

  • Big changes for our e-mail newsletter
  • 3 high ROI things to test to quickly boost conversions
  • A simple trick for turning blog commenters into e-mail subscribers
  • The powerful tool we use to create gorgeous landing pages that convert
  • The ultimate business travel laptop…and it’s not the Macbook Air!

Items of Interest


This episodes breakthrough comes from Brad Huebner, an Internet Business Mastery Academy member.

Once you make your first bit of money while you sleep, you will be addicted forever. I created a video with a flip cam a couple years ago about tile shower waterproofing (I own a handyman business). I put it on my youtube channel and it started to get some views.

Fast forward a couple years and I had over 100,000 thousand views. A few months ago I decided to monetize it with an ad. I made $157 the first month and the last two months were over $200. I wake up every morning and check my adsense account as a result. If you would like to see how amateur the video is, you can see it here.

Notice how many comments I have too. This whole thing has blown my mind. Now I just need to make 100 more videos. :-)

Quick Tip

For years the Macbook Air has dominated as the lightweight, travel-ready laptop market. All of that changed with the arrival of the Ultrabook laptops.

The Ultrabook category was created by Intel to encourage the production of Windows-based laptops that featured:

  • Ultra-thin design
  • Low weight
  • Long battery life
  • Super fast storage drives
  • High definition displays

The latest Ultrabooks even surpass the Macbook Air with features like higher resolution, touchscreen displays.

After extensive research, here is the ultrabook that I bought.

hp spectre touchsmart













In fact, it just arrived as I was preparing this post. The beautiful sleek new gadgetry inside is calling to me! Leave me alone. Don’t you know I’m trying to be productive? Am I talking to my new laptop now? Anyway, moving on…

Action Guide

  1. Choose one of the five conversion hacks that you can put into action right away
  2. Implement the hack this week
  3. Set up tracking to measure the effects of the conversion hack

5 Ninja Hacks for Converting More Clicks to Cash (PDF)

What do you think?

What ninja hacks do you use to convert more clicks into cash?


  1. Hi Jeremy,
    Hi Jason,

    Just finished listening to the episode. I really loved the content and will have a look into CrazyEgg.

    I’ve got a quick tip to share for you and the other listeners:
    1. Go to
    2. put in your website URL
    3. after a short wait you’ll get YSlow + Google PageSpeed results for your website side-by-side

  2. Hey guys,

    I’ve been listening to your podcast since Episode 1, and I had noticed that for the past couple of years something about your podcast and blog had changed. I still listened, but didn’t find as much usable information as you used to have. I admit that I started to postpone listening to them, where I used to download them to my ipod the very moment they were released.

    Wow! This episode was just like the episodes you used to do, only on steroids. For me, this new direction is definitely a winner. I got more help and information out of this one episode than several of the other business podcasts I listen to combined. I’m now waiting impatiently to download your next episode, just like I used to. It’s good to be a superfan again.

    Also, the action guide is killer! Thank you so much for revamping. I understand how much time and effort it takes to put together content this great.

    • Anna,

      Wow! Since episode one! Thanks for being a loyal listener. We appreciate having feedback from someone that has seen us at a our highs and our lows. So glad to have you back as a superfan!

  3. Hi Guys, just wanted to let you know that with the stock standard Aweber wordpress plugin you can have the check box for subscribing there too. The promo text is customisable.

    And it’s free!

    Just wanted to share!

    :) Melissa

  4. Hi guys,

    I just wanted to download your podcast for my MP3-Player but there is no link.

    Is there another way how to get the mp3 file?


  5. The Optimize Press hack recommended in this podcast is an ugly hack and a really bad idea i.e. installing a WordPress site inside another WordPress site. Firstly, it’s not a simple job and for a novice user it could result in them overwriting their existing WordPress site. It’s also a real pain to manage i.e. you’ve got two separate WordPress site that are ‘pretending’ to be one site. You’ve now got two sites to maintain user accounts, install/upgrade the same plugins, I use a product called Premise ( You don’t have to install a ‘fake’ WordPress site and it doesn’t overwrite your existing theme of your site. And it still provides all the great features you’d expect from a landing page solution. I have no stake in the product/company, but it really is a much cleaner and simpler solution.

    • Omer,

      Thank you for that suggestion. We’ll look into.

      However, I don’t agree with your assessment of our approach. With CPanel it is very easy and safe to install another WordPress instance.

      Yes, you have more sites to update and maintain, but that comes with the territory. We now have a dozen WP installations that all serve different purposes. Using is an easy way to easily maintain these sites.

      If our courses sites and main blog all shared the same installation, it would cause other problems. Also, by having a separate landing page blog, you can easily add and manage sales tracking that might not need on your main blog.

      Perhaps it is a matter of preference. I will be sure to give Premise a look. Thank you for your insight.

      • My question is how do I actually set up the second site with the Optimize Press? My mom bought it for me as a graduation gift. But when I downloaded it, I just realized that it would over write my original blog and that now I needed a second site. So what do I do? Do I get hosting or another domain name, or both and set up the second site for Optimize Press? Do I set it up in my Host Gator Cpanel or in That’s where I am lost at.

        Let me know how to do this or if you have a video or a resource of some sort. Thanks for your help.

        • Ricardo,

          Most CPanels have an easy WordPress installation wizard. Sometimes it is called Fantastico. Host Gator support should be able to point you in the right direction.

          During the process it will ask you where you want to install WordPress. You should be able to enter the name for a subdirectory.

  6. I agree with one of the other commenters here – I have tuned out a bit the last few years – although I still love you guys and credit you with helping me start my first online biz and now a very successful SEO, traffic and conversion company – all thanks to you guys and the Academy. After listening to the “Confessions” podcast – now I see why I may have tuned out a bit – but you’re back on the right track here now. You’ve really stepped it up big time – much appreciated.

    Especially thanks for the awesome info and alot of back to basic mental stuff I maybe knew but may have forgotten.

    One thing we use without fail is popup domination – on one site it increased our daily opt ins between 600-800%. Amazing tool – especially on a delay.

    Also, thanks for the reminder on Crazy Egg, we gotta start using that for our clients.

    We currently use Neil’s KISSMetrics and although its a $99/month, it is awesome at tracking the actual user name all the way through your site. Totally worth it though. For a newbie starting out, it may not be waht you need as Google Analytics does the trick – but for higher levels of analytics tracking, it is pretty awesome!

    • Ralph,

      Thanks for your feedback and the great tips.

      We have found Popup Domination to have a significant impact on our list growth as well.