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Your story has the power to change lives. On this episode, Joel and Heather Robertson share how their story has grown a large and loyal audience to their weight loss podcast.

Heather lost 170 pounds, reaching her goal weight in January of 2012 and Joel joined IBMA in February. Soon after, they launched Half Size Me, a podcast and blog dedicated to helping inspire and motivate other women who are struggling to change their mindset about weight loss.

The podcast has over 110 5-star reviews on iTunes, and is frequently featured.

In less than a year, using many of the ideas and strategies Joel has learned in the Internet Business Mastery Academy, they’ve grown their podcast audience to over 15,000 downloads per month, the site to over 30,000 pageviews, and launched their first product, a course on binge eating.

Heather and Joel now understand the power of building a strong platform upon which to start an online business. Especially when they earned more money in the first 48 hours of their product launch than Joel makes in two weeks at his day job.

Despite many attempts at starting a business in the past that all ended as failures, in less than a year, Heather and Joel have created a strong, growing community around a simple business idea—share your story in an authentic way, take action on your ideas (even before your “ready”), and make serving others the core of everything you do.

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In This Episode

  • How to turn multiple failures into a huge success
  • A powerful secret for getting popular bloggers to promote you
  • How to finally overcome entrepreneurial A.D.D.
  • How to stand out even in the most competitive field

Items of Interest

  • FuzeMeeting – A cost-effective web meeting software Joel and Heather used for their coaching program
  • Libsyn – The podcast media host we use

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