IBM 178 | How to Find Laser-Like Focus in the New Year

The New Year is a perfect time to look back at what we have accomplished, look forward to what we want most and make plans to get us there. In this episode, we suggest the most important milestones to focus right now.

We cover everything from the brand new entrepreneur all the way up to someone that is already making money online.

With the information in this episode and the downloadable guide, The 5 Most Important Milestones for New Entrepreneurs, we want to help you have the best year ever!

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In This Episode

  • How to obliterate overwhelm and stay hyper-focused in the new year
  • The #1 source of distraction for entrepreneurs and how to defend yourself from it
  • The most important milestones to focus on to grow your business
  • A five-step plan for staying on track and reaching your milestones

Items of Interest


Simon Wilkinson –

I Joined the academy as a lifetime member in December 2011.

I made my first affiliate sales through Clickbank on 6 Jan 2012 and have continued to make sales.

I added a free e-book download for e-mail subscribers added June 2012 resulting in a huge leap in subscribers from a handful each month to 80 – 100 a month.

I finally completed my first product.  It’s an e-book on how to design a practical project management office. It launched on the 2nd of November. I have already had a good number of downloads.

What did I learn?

  1. The process works
  2. Pick a niche you are passionate about and can add value to others
  3. Create your own product as quickly as possible

What I would like to close on is: creating the first product is hard. Now I have finished mine the second one feels much easier. In fact I have so many ideas I need to keep myself focused so as not to get caught not finishing any of them.

Guy’s keep up the great work and thank you so much.


Quick Tip

WP Twin

With this little tool, you can quickly duplicate the theme, settings, and plugins of any WP site to another WP site. This is a great way to quickly create lots of niche web sites.

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Action Guide

  • Identify which milestone you are at.
  • Set a goal for the milestone you will reach in the first quarter.
  • Limit your information intake. Focus on info that helps you reach your milestone.
  • Make a list of at least ten mini-milestones that lead to your main focus.
  • Choose a metric to measure your progress. Track it weekly.

The 5 Most Important Milestones for New Entrepreneurs (PDF)

What Do You Think?

What are you going to focus on in the new year?

Sound off in the comments below!


  1. I always look forward to your quick tips. The WP Twin WordPress clone tool looks good, but for the money, I’d go with (already have it) iThemes BackupBuddy. You can backup, or transfer an exact site from one host to another for half the price of their unlimited sites cost ($150 vs. $297).

    In addition to using BackupBuddy as a cloning tool, you also get the backup feature where you can set it and forget it. You can also have your backups automatically sent to the cloud. Nice.

    • Hi Lynn,

      Great tip. I love Backup Buddy. We use it for site backup as well. I guess I didn’t realize it was also an easy way to clone a site, though that makes a lot of sense.

      Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Guy’s

    Happy new year.

    I almost fell off my seat when you featured me as the breakthrough for this episode – I almost fell of the sit as I was on a train and then sat looking around with a silly grin.

    Over the year I enjoyed listening to the breakthrough section as it does provide inspiration. Never even crossed my mind that I would have my own featured. Best start to the new year.

    Thanks so much


    • I love it! Congrats on your breakthrough and I cannot wait to hear your full “independence day” story!

    • Simon,

      Thanks for sharing your breakthrough with us. We love celebrating all the steps along the way in addition to the big prize.

      Your experience will now inspire others. Keep us in the loop on your continued progress.

  3. Great podcast guys. Am currently trying to go from a blunt focus to a sharp focus, let alone laser-like!