IBM 175 | A Simple Formula for Higher Sales

In this episode of Internet Business Mastery, we talk about a simple formula for higher sales. And in the quick tip, we share an easy way to update and backup your wordpress sites.

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Items mentioned in the episode:

  • [RESOURCE] ManageWP – Easy updates, backup and management for WordPress sites
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  • IBM 175 | A Simple Formula for Higher Sales

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  1. Thanks for the shoutout!

  2. I agree about the scarcity principle guys, but I would add that it has to be applied with some thought. For example, when someone is offering a digital product and they say something like “Only 50 available!”, it often just looks and feels scammy.

    Most people are well aware that a marketer can (and would like to!) sell a million copies of their digital product. After all, it’s digital; selling 1,000 of that product doesn’t create a large incremental cost over selling 10. Hence there’s usually no good reason it would be scarce. So when Internet marketers apply the scarcity principle in a disingenuous way, claiming that an obviously unscarce product is scarce, I think nowadays most people can see right through that. And for me at least, it’s a huge turn-off.

    Marketers should first ask themselves, is there REALLY a bonafide reason than I’m claiming my product is scarce? If so, then knock yourself out. But if not, perhaps they should reconsider.

    Credibility is getting harder and harder to come by in the IM space. Using scarcity in the wrong way can be just one more things that hinders that credibility.

    • I agree, there very much has to be a reason. We generally add live coaching to a product, which does have a limit of how many we can coach and that also adds the element of time as we will have to start the coaching coarse on a certain date due. If we simply said there are only 100 digital products available (not true) people would very much see through it.

  3. Thanks, guys! Always over deliver. I’m with you, Jeremy, i that I have a really difficult time with the process side, and I am going back through a lot of the course hoping that this time, it will stick. And I have a number of sites planned for the micro-niche in the hopes that it will create momentum for my other sites.
    I’m definitely going to look into the ManageWP since I want to get a good process in place for when I have a large number of sites :-)

  4. Great episode guys. Thanks so much.

    I have a question about surveys. As you mention you need to ask your audience what it is they want and not just guess. So how do you do that if you only have a small (but growing) email list? Are there other ways to survey an audience to get those answers?

    Keep up the excellent work!


    • Well, you could ask them to reply to the email you sent to them. I wouldn’t do this if you have more then a couple hundred people on your list, but that would be the first step to getting to know what they want.