IBM 174 | Turning Multiple Interests into a Successful Online Business, an Interview with Emilie Wapnick

In this episode of Internet Business Mastery, we talked about Turning Multiple Interests into a Successful Online Business in an Interview with Emilie Wapnick…founder of

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  •  IBM 174 | Turning Multiple Interests into a Successful Online Business, an Interview with Emilie Wapnick

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  1. Wow, Great interview….actually I could care less about the interview, I was just so enthralled at the idea that someone out there understood me and that I’m OK!

    Reminded me of the Dan Kennedy quote (or some famous copywriter): “If you can describe a person’s problem better than they can, then automaticly and unconciously credit you with knowing the answer”

    Checking out Puttylike now, I almost don’t care if she has a solid solution, just knowing and understanding the problem is better than anything I’ve ever seen so far!

    Thanks guys!

    • Hi Sean,

      yes you are OK :)
      Funny a couple of days ago a friend recommended me Barbara Sher’s book “Refuse to Choose”.

      all the best :)

  2. This interview was a real breath of fresh air. Like Emilie, I have a lot of diverse interests. I want to find a way to work them either into a single business or a small number of businesses. I do a lot of business planning and design work with entrepreneurs and small businesses. However, I also love podcasting and broadcasting and am thinking of starting some sort of new media network. Hearing this interview made me realize I can try something like this.

    I’ll definitely listen to this interview again, and I’m checking out as well.

  3. It’s definitely refresing to know there are other “multipotentialites” out there! Enjoyed the podcast and the new resources.

    I’ve always considered myself a modern “renaissance” man, so I’ll definitely be checking out that book.

  4. Hey, what’s up guys. I just stumbled onto you guys through a reference through Pat Flynn. And I gotta say I love your podcasts and material. I mean just the free stuff is good. This particular podcast with Emily spoke volumes to me. I am the multi-type of tasker niche person. And it was hard for me to choose a niche between the things I love to talk about, learn about, teach on, have a hobby, expertise, passion for, skill at, etc.

    For me, I am a Christian. So I love to blog/teach/talk/read about leadership, business (especially online), hip-hop ministry and business (I JUST graduated from Full Sail University literally two weeks ago), creative arts, ministry development, and of course I love to teach the Bible being that I am a pastor of a hip-hop ministry, and I love to talk more about King David more than anything because he was like all of these multi-things at once.

    Her whole process of finding one theme that ran through everything was pretty much the same way I figured it all out for my online business. I hated the idea of “you got to pick one thing, one niche, or one idea” and that’s your business. I talked to Dan Miller, author for 48 Days to the Work You Love (because I am part of his ning network) and he answered my question on how to find a job with all these multi choices and he told me to go the entrepreneur wrote and create something that involves all of these things. So I finally found out how to do this and this podcast was the confirmation for me that hammered the nail that I was moving in the right direction and that I am not weird. So I am soon starting a membership site that trains Christians in music ministry/business, creative ministry and business, and church/ministry leadership development.

    Thanks you guys for all the info and I’ve, since finding you through Pat Flynn 2 weeks ago have been listening to like 10 of your podcast a day. I just downloaded all of them and have shut out all the noise. lol! So eventually when I raise the money from my own business to do so, I am coming to you academy. It is one of my goals and milestones for 2014.

    God bless you guy!

    • Ricardo,

      Congrats on graduation from Full Sail. They have an awesome program. At one point in my college years, I thought about going there.

      And congrats on finding that common theme in all your work. We can’t wait to have you in the Academy to take that further.

      Ten podcasts a day?! Wow. Keep it up!