IBM 173 | How to Price Your Products

In this episode of Internet Business Mastery, we give you 5 tips to help you price your products. And in the quick tip, we share a resource for keeping yous site protected from malware and hackers.

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Items mentioned in the episode:

  • [RESOURCE] Sucuri
  • [BREAKTHROUGH] Patrick Sweet
  • [BREAKTHROUGH] Allen Slagle – English 2.0 Podcast
  • [BREAKTHROUGH] Kathy Young –
  • [BREAKTHROUGH] Jain Brand

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  • IBM 173 | How to Price Your Products

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  1. This was really helpful. I struggle with pricing; people sometimes say “I can’t afford it” (at a $30 price point) – but I’ve heard from others that people will say that about even a $5 product, so to take it with a grain of salt. Nobody who has actually BOUGHT my product has ever complained about the price.

    Particularly the price anchoring tip – I’m definitely going to implement it by comparing the cost of my online course to the cost of private lessons. When you look at it that way, the online course is really a steal!

    • It can be tough to know who to listen to for feedback. I sometimes fall into the trap of listening to people that would never buy my product anyway or, perhaps worse, people that I don’t ideally want to work with even if they would buy my product at a different price.

      Glad you found the tips helpful.