IBM 172 | 5 Product Creation Tips that Will Boost Your Bottom Line

In this episode of Internet Business Mastery, we talk about 5 product creation tips that will boost your bottom line. And in the quick tip, we share a resource to help you get press from big media.

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Items mentioned in the episode:

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  • IBM 172 | 5 Product Creation Tips that Will Boost Your Bottom Line

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  1. Well I’ll kick off the job-quitting bit – the only time I’ve quit on the spot, I gave it a proper shouting session and stormed out – “I’ve had enough of this, you can’t treat me like this, blah blah!”. Got outside to find a beautiful blue sky, felt great…only to realise I’d left my phone in the managers office so I had to slink back in with a really lame muttered “sorry, forgot my phone” line then leave again with everyone stifling the laughs :'(

  2. Fantastic episode and super timely for me, since I just finished producing a 30-day intensive course for my subscribers, and I faced a number of these issues – how much content is too much? What’s too advanced? Why are only half of them getting to the end of the course?!

    Although a few people have written to me saying they enjoyed it, I think I’ll touch base with everyone asking about the content volume/pace and what was most/least helpful.