IBM 168 | Earning Passive Income with Software, an Interview with Dane Maxwell

In this episode of Internet Business Mastery, we talk with software mogul Dane Maxwell about how to make passive income from creating online software services. And in the quick tip, we talk about the fastest and cheapest way to get started with outsourcing.

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  •  IBM 168 | Earning Passive Income with Software, an Interview with Dane Maxwell

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  1. G’Day Guys,

    Another wicked podcast, as always! I love the chat about 1-star reviews. It shows that you are not only committed to what you do, but you stand by why you do it. Great stuff. I shall head over to itunes and add my own 5-star review in the coming days.

    Have a great weekend.

    Acting Classes In Perth

  2. interesting approach. while many get stuck in the “finding your niche” phase, this approach advocates finding what the need is and then making that your niche.

    that said, I wonder if the lack of passion will someday lead to loss of interest and focus on the business?

    but then again, many entrepreneurs are driven by the process itself, not so much about the subject matter or niche.

    • Sunil,

      That’s a great point. Clearly Jeremy and I are more driven by passion. There are entrepreneurs who can find passion things other than the topic or focus of the business (e.g. in the process, creating value, creating systems, etc)

      As for me, I need a bit more than that. This is where some self-discovery really helps.

  3. Wow killer episode!! I like what Dane had to say
    “What would you buy from me if I were smart enough to sell it to you?”
    I’m in Denver so I will have to buy Dane dinner sometime!

  4. Toronto web development says:

    Wow what another great episode!
    This one is definitely an out of the box idea and it is jam packed with pure value.
    Thanks again!

  5. This has to be the most inspiring podcast episode I’ve ever heard… anywhere! I’m so ready to take this diresction to create a new business.

    By chance, did anyone download Dane’s phone call recording with the pool worker, and is willing to share it with me. I went to the page using the IBM redirect, by I was too late. It’s not available for free anymore! I would really love to hear how he interviews people.

    Thank you.

  6. Hi,
    Great interview.
    Is there a link to the checklist?

  7. Cory Lewis says:

    This is a very interesting way to look at things. I am a newbie in this world and this gives direction to a way to start without to many marketers screaming at you from different directions, insisting you do what they tell you. This gives you an opportunity to shut them off and start with a good “foundation”(no pun intended). Not saying other marketers don’t have good advise, but I do see how being in the center of a crowd of marketers could kill the start of someone wanting to be in this business.
    It might seem kind of cold to not pursue a passion but actually it’s the opposite cause you’re pursuing helping anyone with their life and if you’re not careful you just might find a new passion. When you’re open to helping who wants help, you do open up the world. Thank you Jeromy and Jason for this. I look forward to be interviewed by you one day!
    Wishing you much success in your future!

  8. Dylan says:

    Another great interview, but it brought up one question.

    When calling a business, how do you typically find the person you want to talk to? The sample call with the pool company jumps straight to this part, but I feel like getting around the assistants (if that’s what we indeed want to do), could be a very difficult part. So in short, who is the target and how do we get to them?

    Any help would be amazing!