IBM 166 | The Downside of Influence-Based Marketing and What to Do About It

In this episode of Internet Business Mastery, we talk about the downside of influence-based marketing and what to do about it. And in the quick tip, we answer a listener question about managing a global audience.

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  • IBM 166 | The Downside of Influence-Based Marketing and What to Do About It

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  1. As someone who has three online businesses that do not involve me as the brand that consistently does 25K per month in revenue, I’m happy to see that you guys are taking a look at the other side of the coin. Looking forward to hearing your perspective

    • Hi Matt,

      There are certainly lost of ways to make money online with many advantages to each.

      We have certainly been aware of (and even done business in) the other side of the coin. It’s been more of a question of what is best for our audience.

      As we teach in the Academy, it’s best to know exactly what audience you want to help and how you want to help them.

      Now that we have a reason to look into this topic that fits our audience’s needs, we’ve decided to make it part of our content.

      Thanks for your comment.

  2. My downside of being an influence marketer is that I will have a date w/a girl, she will Google me before the date, listen to my podcast then she will know everything about me and know all my clever lines already… Life is rough! LOL

  3. Jay, loved the content. The most powerful vignette you shared was about your mastermind group, and the power of focusing on One Thing. I’m curious: I know both you and your business partner have your own individual businesses. Have you let those go in order to focus entirely on Internet Business Mastery?

  4. My challenge has been whose program to join for the same reason you all just discussed. I have two very different ideas that I believe would both be profitable, they both consume much of my focus – but they are mostly unrelated. Thanks for recognizing the ‘rest’ of us. (But two years seems too long to get started)

  5. Please disregard reference to two years, I thought that’s how long it would take to get to it, I didn’t realize you meant that’s how long it took you guys to find it…