IBM 165 | How to Hire the Right Virtual Assistant Fast with Outsourcing Master, Chris Ducker

In this episode of Internet Business Mastery, we discuss how to hire the right virtual assistant fast with outsourcing master, Chris Ducker. And in the quick tip, we share our favorite place for getting the latest tips for traffic, niche selection, productivity and more.

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  • IBM 165 | How to Hire the Right Virtual Assistant Fast with Outsourcing Master, Chris Ducker

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  1. whats the link to the culture podcast mentioned in the video? you mentioned its downloaded 1000s of times per month.

  2. Etienne says:

    I am looking to hire a VA and I am now confused as where to go. I was set on after listening to your episode 64 and the webinar.
    However, in this episode, you seem to be criticizing it a bit, and you recommend another service.
    Could you please guide me into choosing one or the other?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Well, if you want to learn how to hire VA’s on your own and the general mindset of working with VA’s, then is the place to start. If you just want to pay extra to have someone else hiring them, then you should go with Chris’ service. Let me know if that doesn’t quite answer it for you!

  3. After listening to this and reading the comments below I’m curious. Why are so many people outsourcing VA work to the Philippines? I understand the cheap hourly rate but surely you face problems with working hours and language at times.

    I was looking for a VA to help with some data entry earlier this year and came across a UK based VA company. They did such a good job that I’ve gone on to use them on a daily basis for other tasks. They work the hours I need, speak the language that I speak and the hourly rate is more than affordable. I’d definitely recommend their services!

    • Alex,

      Thanks for the recommendation.

      Filipinos tend to have excellent English. It’s taught in many schools there.

      Yes our team works at night and not the same time as us. While this is a challenge at times, we have found a rhythm that works quite well for us. There are trade-offs with each solution. In the end you have to go with what is most important for you given your budget.