IBM 162 | The Podcasters Formerly Known as Sterling and Jay

In this episode of Internet Business Mastery, we talk about the podcasters formerly know as Sterling and Jay. And in the quick tip, we share the fastest and easiest way to set up a sales page or product launch using WordPress.

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IBM 162 | The Podcasters Formerly Known as Sterling and Jay

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  1. I understand your reasoning behind the decision to use your real names, but I have to say that “Jeremy and Jason” just doesn’t have the same ring to it that “Sterling and Jay” has. Too many J’s I guess ;). As far as the movie announcer guy… I think it adds something. Even if everyone is doing it. I would like to say that people don’t need that but some type of produced intro makes the whole thing sound more professional. Not to dump on all your changes, but you asked for our opinion. You could change your names to “Rocky and Flapjack” and I’m still going to listen faithfully, don’t worry :)

  2. Jeremy / Jason – as a long time listener this episode was really entertaining and probably the most “must listen” headline ever, I had to check it out immediately. Anyway, one thing I did when I started to avoid ppl Googling me was to use my middle name as my last. By keeping my first name the same I avoided a lot of the troubles you guys talked about (by accident!). Anyway, might be a useful strategy for some of your listeners looking to ‘silo’ their identity. Thanks for the great show you guys really are the Godfathers, I just did a quick webinar were I admitted to 100% copying your show format when we started our own. At the time, there weren’t any other models for how to do a business podcast!

  3. Congrats on your “coming out” Ha Ha Ha. I wouldn’t worry about a thing. You guys will be just fine.

  4. And now I listen to your show regularly, too! Funny how things can come full circle.

  5. love the change. used to FF through your intros and often cutting well into the content of the podcast – same with the ending.

    sometimes the simpler the better – at least I won’t have to anymore. I do agree that J and J doesn’t sound music to the ears, but maybe it’s just an acquired taste and we will all get used to it

    i can relate however as there are several parallels behind your initial reasoning and mine currently. the challenge, as you know, it is much harder to build trust and credibility as an anonymous blogger – although very much possible as i am experiencing with a growing readership (just under 8,000 RSS) and income (just received my largest adsense check just under $6,000).

    all the best with the new experiment guys

  6. Congrats on your biggest Adsense check to date!

    Yeah, I figured regular listeners would appreciate not having the extra stuff to listen to or FFW through.

    It’s always that tricky balance between appealing to return visitors and hooking in the brand new listener.

  7. Great way to catch attention and get people to the new podcast.

    After listening to several other podcasts (SPI), I realized that many have copied IBM. In fact, they have occasionally refereed to themselves as Sterling & Jay on accident. Kidding.

    Good change, great content, glad to be an Academy member.

    • Thanks, Steve. There are a lot of great podcasts out there. Whether or not we influenced them, I think it is amazing that so many people can have a voice on the Internet.

      I love the fact that people that used to be our students now have shows that inspire and teach me.

      It’s all about value creation. The more of it we all do, the more happiness there will be to go around.

    • If we have inspired other podcasters, really that can only be a good thing in the end.

  8. Hey guys! Great podcast episode and think the “formerly known as” strategy is great.
    Definitely understand the move and think it’s the right thing to do. Also, nice “clean” beginning, kind of getting right to it, pretty cool.
    Yes, I’m one of the guys that used the ‘movie guy’ voice with my own podcast (completely different market though). John does a great job though!
    You guys definitely are the “Godfathers” of podcasting and we all thank you for all you’ve done for the on-line community.
    Great stuff and always enjoy your show after all these years. Look forward to hearing more from the new guys, Jason and Jeremy :)
    Cheers guys! You rock!

    • Thanks, Scott, for being such a long-time listener. It really is not a problem that others use John and the movie-guy intro. I think it is just time for a change for us. We’re certainly shaking things up!

  9. Also, one other comment… can you lengthen the podcast to closer to 45-60 minutes? It should be easy to have the content needed.

  10. It’s like the unveiling of the masked magician. ;)

  11. About skipping intro and outro, my feedback is negative. While listening with ipod, it gets confusing when one episode ends. (Currently i had one extra IBM episode from past what i was re-listening) and the current episode ended and another continued from middle and i was confused for 2-3 minutes, until i realised i was listening the old episode. The outro helped to understand clearly that “the episode is finished.” Introsound is not so necessary. Hope u understand my english. All the best, your listener from Estonia.

  12. I totally got hooked on the headline. Thought the podcast was all over. But great topic to think about. I want to ask a quick question what do you think about wishlist? for membership sites can this optimizepress do it all and better than wishlist? I am deciding which one to use to create my membership site.

  13. Great headline. It sucked me back in. Been really busy and kept missing some of the shows. I couldn’t resist checking this out. I HAD to listen. I had taken your resources for granted and I was scared I had waited too long!!!

    Not only a great show but a great lesson in pulling listeners back in. Thanks again!

  14. It’s a bold move – I’ll give you that! If you look at morning radio shows, it’s rare that anyone users their real names. I think that Sterling and Jay had that morning show ring to it. Since you’ve never really hidden your real names, I’m not sure it will be that big of a change either way. I also think you want to keep the lead in, not because it adds anything substantive to podcast, but it clearly identifies the start of the podcast and it’s a part of the format that people expect for the show. Either way I’m sure that that content will be as good as always.

  15. I usually enjoy the podcast, but I found this episode to be a waste of time. It’s the first time I’ve fast-forwarded through episode. Personally, I think it’s a mistake to start using drab, every-day names, but either way I don’t need to listen to thirty minutes of rambling blather about the decision.

    • I actually worried about doing an entire episode about it, cause we generally only talk about ourselves in a minor way inside the teaching. Seems some people found it useful, but we kept it a bit shorter then usual to reduce the potential belief of sounding like rambling blather. This is a good example of not being able to please everyone, but I knew it could break bad for some. Thanks for being honest. We will be back to normal on the next episode!

  16. Bob Skelton says:

    I am saddened that you have decided to use your given names on the show. To most of us, if I can speak for the others, you will always be Sterling and Jay.

    • Bob,

      Thanks for that feedback. I had a feeling that would be the case for some. It’s not an easy decision to make. Change can always be risky.

      After careful consideration, we feel it is the best for the long-term, though we know it will be odd for some people in the interim. Thank you for listening, whatever we may call ourselves.

  17. I think it’s a great idea. Also, I do not think it was a waste of time to share the change with us since a lot of us newbies struggle with the pen name issue.