IBM 159 | The Power of the Entry Level Product

In this episode of Internet Business Mastery, we talk about  the power of the entry-level product. And in the quick tip, we share a simple tip to make writing blog posts faster, simpler and more productive.

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Items mentioned in the episode:

  • [RESOURCE]  WordPress Full Screen Editor
  • [BREAKTHROUGH]  Jahquay Hyles – Jahquay’s Website

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  1. This was an excellent episode… I’m in a bit of a dilemma in regards to entry level product offerings… Hopefully the IBM peeps can provide some insights. I’ve got a podcast and increasingly popular blog in the mind power or as I like to refer to it the ‘Applied Neuroscience’ niche.

    The flagship product I’d like to sell is a $99/monthly membership to a package of really high end nootropic supplements (‘smart drugs’).

    I kind of have two ‘entry levels products’; the first one is a free email optin 4 part video course (Can it still be an entry level product if it is a free email optin of content??), the second one is a $17 info product on brain power diet. The $17 ebook is NOT selling well and I would rather just give it away for free as an optin in bonus for subscribers. I also have a ton free content in between +100 articles, 20 videos on my site and a podcast. Here’s my dilemma, is all this free content (Podcast, articles, info product, videos) I’m contributing to the relationship setting me up to sell a $99/monthly product or am I better off selling some cheaper items to work up to the $99/monthly?? Thanks again for everything


    • Jonathan,

      In general, it would be easier to sell a non-membership entry-level product.

      If your target audience wants to have peak performance in using their brain, then pick out a process that you can walk them through that will give them results as fast as possible.

      The diet book could be struggling for a few reasons:

      1)You might now have enough traffic yet to expect many sales

      2) There are objections or concerns that you have not answered yet

      3) A diet sounds like a lot of work and their needs to be major pain for someone to take one on

      4) This is not the primary thing your target audience is interested in

      When you talk to your avatar, what are the five biggest pains that you hear them share over and over again?

  2. I was listening to this episode while walking my dogs this morning and had something to add to your quick tip on using the WordPress full-screen (distraction-free)setting. That’s a good tip, but I wanted to let your readers and audience know about
    Window Live Writer. It’s really the best blogging software out there. It’s free from Microsoft. Coincidentally, WLW is the subject of this week’s blog post. In it, I share the features that save me time and aggravation.
    Take care.

  3. It’s awesome to see myself featured on the Internet Business Mastery podcast. What an honor! The internet business mastery is an awesome site! I’ve been able to learn a lot from these guys. I was able to create a website and gain the trust of others as an expert in my field of project management. I am now developing my first product!

    Thanks Jeremy and Jason!

    Jahquay Hyles