IBM 157 | The Truth Behind Real Financial Freedom

In this episode of Internet Business Mastery, we answer the question about the truth behind real financial freedom. And in the quick tip, we share a video that will boost your confidence to help you succeed.

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  1. Good episode! My inspiration for taking things financially to the next level to dating really, really expensive women… Bring on the golddiggers! LOL Kidding…

  2. Thanks guys! I loved hearing the definition of financial freedom as the confidence in my abilities to create value. That gave me a new sense of perspective as I contemplate the question “when will I be able to quit the 9-to-5?” Now, instead of looking at it as a question of how much I need to save up, I can look at it as “am I creating something that people are willing to pay for?” Thankfully, that answer is yes! (thanks you guys, the Academy and TAF)

  3. Hi, can you give the author name of the millionair mind, the book you talked about. There are two with the same title..
    Thanks, Koen

  4. Just read the $100 startup, awesome book!