IBM 148 | Boost Your Site’s Traffic with Link-Building

In this episode of Internet Business Mastery, we talk about boosting your site’s traffic with link-building. And in the quick tip we discussed another one of our favorite blog reads.

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  1. Do you guys have a general backlinking blueprint that you follow? It seems there are many ways to go about it. I hired a VA to build hundreds of back links for my site and 2 months later traffic is only a tiny bit better. Most of these are crappy links with some higher PR ones mixed in.

    I know we should be looking for a wide variety of sites to get links from. But for the most cost effective way to go, what’s a good plan?

    Still keep building crappy links, or replace that with spun content to article directories? Seems there are a lot of methods out there but tough to find a plan that works, and can continue to work.


  2. Pat Flynn has a really good post on his site about back-linking. However, honestly what he does is even more than what we do.

    The first thing is to have the foundation down:

    1. Publish frequent, quality content
    2. Do basic on-page SEO on your site

    Then just keep at it. We do a lot of directory link adding. Articles are a great next step.

  3. I was listening in the car tonight and thought that I should take the time to thank you for all your wonderful free content and this wonderful episode. I have read Pat’s article on back linking but you hit the nail on the head. It is absolutely overwhelming. I am here because after listening to your podcast I thought “these are some ideas that I can implement” and that is what is really necessary for the majority of us. Fit’s with the minimalism ideals…and our beloved 80/20 principle. In fact maybe you should call this the 80/20 of back-linking as I think your recommendations will give me the best bang for my backlinking buck :). Again thanks for all you do, although you run a business I get a sense that you are both compassionate and caring individuals who really do want people to succeed!


    by the way… how did you get that box down there with the check the box to subscribe to the newsletter, that is freaking brilliant!!!

  4. Stephen,

    Thanks for your feedback! So glad you find the show helpful.

    There is a comment called Action Comments that adds that check box for building your list next to the comment box.

  5. Hey guys, I’ve been enjoying the podcasts for a few weeks now. I heard about you from Pat Flynn, and I just came across the podcast where you interviewed him about his new website and ebook success a couple years ago – time warp!

    The question I have for you is, how do you find these directories you use for links? Do you just do a google search for the niche you’re in and ‘directories’, or is there a specialized search, such as the blog search in google?

  6. There is no specialized search. You just do searches as you indicated above.

    There are also directories of directories that you can search for.

  7. How relevant is the info in this episode post Google Panda and Penguin? Have you a followup show since Google made these changes?

    • Hi Tina,

      The most important thing to be aware of is to not have the majority of your backlinks use your exact keyword phrase in the anchor text.

      Google has started looking at this to spot “unnatural” search optimization practices.

      So, for example, only about 30% or so of your links should use the exact anchor text. The others should use phrases such as “click here” or
      go here for more information.”

      This makes your link profile appear more natural since those are the kinds of ratios and phrases that you would have when others link to you.