IBM 140 | How to Choose an Internet Marketing Niche | An Interview with Pat Flynn

In this episode of Internet Business Mastery, we talk with our old friend, Pat Flynn, about how to choose a profitable niche for your online business. And in the quick tip we share a free, quality tool for video conference calls.

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  • IBM 140 | How to Choose an Internet Marketing Niche | An Interview with Pat Flynn

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  1. I think your intro is missing from this podcast. There’s about 30 seconds of silence in the beginning where it should be :)

  2. How do you find the APR that Pat was talking about?

  3. Hey guys,

    First time I check out one of your podcasts and I have to say I really liked it!

    I personally love Glen’s stuff from Viperchill and I know Pat Flynn feels the same way so it was amusing to hear what he had to said about Niche Research.

    Now being very honest, I was expecting something a little bit more detailed like particular applications or resources other than a few sites and AdWords but I enjoyed the podcast anyway.

    Thanks for sharing and hope to come back for more podcasts like this one. ;-)


  4. Sergio, There is a great series of posts on Pat’s site on a “niche site dual” Here is the link:

    Also if you go to his video you can find his video on Market Samurai titled “Selecting a Niche Market – Pat vs. Tyrone Niche Site Challenge”

    • Hey Justin,

      Really appreciate your follow up, I was aware of that duel between Pat vs Tyrone but I don’t know how it ended.

      Going to check it out ASAP, thank you!!


  5. Been a fan of Pat’s for a long time. He actually takes the time to reply to all his fan emails.

  6. Pat Flynn is an amazing guy! Check out his podcast too.

  7. Thanks for the great comments and feedback everyone! If I had 6 hours to talk about this stuff there still wouldn’t be enough time for me to talk about it because I enjoy it so much, so I hope you got some good info in this hour with Sterling, Jay and I!

    Cheers, and all the best!

    • Hey Pat,

      Thanks for getting in touch, I really appreciate it since I’m a big fan man.

      Take care and hope you let us know when you have finished creating your course with all the specific details that Jay mentioned above.

      Have a great day!


      PS. Greetings to you too Sterling & Jay, much appreciated it guys!

  8. Pat shared mostly great info throughout this podcast. However Pat mentions using the Google tools to measure the amount of traffic and interest there is in a given search phrase.

    In my experience the Google keyword tool & Google Traffic Estimator COMPLETELY LIE about the amount of traffic a phrase gets.

    For example I have a website ( that is ranked in the #1 position (using and multiple other computers) on Google for the search phrase ‘how to be limitless’. According to Google key traffic tool the MONTHLY search volume for this phrase is 1.5 million searches globally and +300,000 locally. I’ve been ranked #1 for this phrase for several months now and I know from my Google Analytics that I have never gotten more than a couple couple hundred unique visitors a month from this phrase.

    I could post many screen shots from my various website’s analytics accounts proving this… In fact I once paid $400 for a domain name for a phrase that should have gotten +1500 high commercial intent hits monthly. After spending months doing SEO I got my site ranked #1 and never got more than 200 unique visitors a month from the phrase. That phrase was ‘Denver marketing firm’.

    Pat’s a great guy and I appreciate your podcast but you guys need to be warning your listeners of the terrible inaccuracy of the Google keyword tool.

  9. Thanks, Sterling, Jay and Pat! I so enjoy your podcasts and I listen to them over and over in order to make sure I catch everything!

    Since this episode with the Pat Flynn interview, I have spent several hours trying to figure out how to get Google Chrome (is it a browser function? and the Google keyword tool) to display the Google Toolbar pagerank, so that I could perform the keyword research tests Pat describes. How can I view the Google toolbar pagerank? I have been unsucessful in finding this feature, and have checked to make sure I had the most recent version of Chrome. Google shows a video showing how to select the “pagerank” icon, but I don’t have the option for it — it is not listed in my Google tools where the video describes it would be, so I can’t select it obviously. Advise, anyone?

    Thank you, and best wishes for extraordinary internet success!

  10. Do I need to be logged in to my google account in order to view the Google toolbar pagerank for different sites?
    Sorry I am not tracking better on this one…just working on my keyword research and hoping to follow Pat’s system as closely as I can.
    Thank you and Happy Holidays! You guys are awesome!