IBM 138 | 5 Ways to Accelerate your Internet Business Training

In this episode of Internet Business Mastery, we talk about 5 ways to accelerate your internet business learning. And in the quick tip we have an easy way to add a forum to any WP site.

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  1. I’ve been speeding things up for quite a while – but before I left my last job I noticed how frustrating it was to not be able to 2x the executives’ speeches. You’re still stuck at 1x with live presentations.

  2. Hey Guys! Speaking of 2x speed, I listen to your show on my Droid X from the web. Since I listen to your podcasts via the web I am not able to 2x the audio. Can you guys provide audio options where we could listen to the recording in 2x?

  3. I agree with your remark about people who do nothing while they are waiting for something. In this time they can just listen to the podcast! I am from Poland and in my country situation is very similar or even worst :( I am the only person among my friends who is addicted to podcasts :) On my website we have podcast which is recorder weekly and i had a conversation with a big marketing boss with big company and he said that people don’t have time so they will no listen to the podcast. I said: I don’t have a time so i have to listen to the podcast :)

  4. I know I am kind of late on this podcast. I am going through all of your podcast for the first time. But I totally agree on the skimming through books. Before I used to read through all the business books word for word just so I don’t miss anything. Now I just look at the title, the first sentence, and last sentence and for the how to stuff. If I skim through for names and numbers because it will probably be a story or a stat. That’s how I know to skip over it. Again, like you guys I am already sold because I bought the book. I sift through and look for what fits with my strategy. I don’t try the shinny and new because I know my fulfillment factors, goals, and strengths that work well with me and my business model. Good podcast though! Nice!