IBM 136 | The Secrets of Attracting Wealth

In this episode of Internet Business Mastery, we discuss the secrets of attracting wealth. And in the quick tip we tell you how to get anything you want.

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  1. Thank you for the shout-out in the breakthrough!

  2. This was a really good podcast. It was great to hear something general along with the specific lessons and stories of late. I like the blend. This one got me thinking more “big picture.” This is a podcast I could have my friends listen to to get started and motivated.
    Some of the stuff talked about here reminded me of Suze Orman’s 9 Steps to Financial Freedom, especially the talk of shedding the perception of money handed down by our families. Both books sound really good. Going to get Anything You Want by Derek Sivers from my library.

  3. Hello Sterling,

    I am very interested in a way to start making money online in 2 hours. Is this method you guys where talking about in podcast 136 already available? and if so do I need to become a member of IBM?

    Please let me know.

    • We are currently creating the course and doing thorough testing before we put it out for everyone. We have very high standards towards what ends up with people that are going to go through our courses. Looks like we should be done end of this year. Make sure you sign up for the email list at the top, right of the page for updates!

  4. When you said “green M&Ms only” I was howling!

    I grew up in a family where every penny was counted, and we were constantly nagged about turning the light off, saving pennies, comparison shopping, clipping coupons, etc. I think I’ve got a LOT of unproductive money attitudes to put aside . . .

    Thanks, this was a fun eye-opener!

  5. Oh my, I’ve been listening through your podcasts chronologically, and this is one that had me laughing out loud really hard! :) The part about the zombie apocalypse was hysterical! “Extend your life from 1 year to 3 years with our guide… just costs a goat!” Epic. Makes me want to get a business partner just for podcasts. This had some great points on mindset and fulfilling needs as well. Thanks!