IBM 124 | How to Choose What to Sell Online

In this episode of Internet Business Mastery, we talk about how to choose what to sell online. AAnd in the quick tip we have a great resource for giving back.

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  1. Sterling, I love what you said about making decisions based in the numbers. I’m definitely made progress along those lines. I just started surveying my list now I have a solid idea of what product they want.

    I wanted to make an online organic gardening course, but my audience wanted an e-book. The e-book is going to be a lot easier to produce for me! I mean if they’re telling me they want an e-book, I’m going to do an e-book.

    They told me exactly what problems they were having with their gardening. No guessing, just money in the bank. Now I have to sit down a write this thing!

    I like the tip about using Adwords driving traffic to a landing page survey opt-in.

    • I’m so glad you found the info useful. It’s so cool that we can just ask what our customers want and just give it to them!! I love business…

    • Damon,

      That’s a perfect example of how it doesn’t need to be harder than it needs to be. Really, deciding what to sell online should be an easier process than most people make it.

      Thanks for sharing your example and good luck with the e-book.

  2. Thanks for the mention on the podcast. We just launched our first podcast today too!


  3. Thanks for mentioning the website on your podcast. While we feature Bill Germanakos, Season 4’s Winner of “The Biggest Loser” on the site, I am the host of our podcast series and the administrater of the web site… and am actually a she instead of a he. We resently registered the name “” as well as “” to make saying the website easier on podcasts. We also just launched our first and second podcast today too!

    Thanks again for mentioning our site.

  4. I actually JUST started to listen to this podcast before I had to clean the kitchen (being a husband is tough, sometimes! haha).

    I just started a blog exploring First Nation culture/current events, and I’m just learning to much from your podcast.

    In short, thanks for taking the time to help folks like me.